Double Leg Lifts

by Erika Nicole Kendall

Another big thing for my figure is working on these thighs! One of the slight downfalls – among all the blessings – with a major weight loss is the need to tone to make sure that the skin comes back into place… and has a nice place to come home to, if you know what I mean!

So, for the legs and abs, I present the double leg lifts! I’m not very familiar with Pilates (although I do practice Yoga), but the moves are challenging and leave you feeling like you really accomplished something!

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Rooo February 13, 2013 - 6:38 PM

I didn’t know you hadn’t done Pilates, E! Mayhaps we can hang at Tower class together some time or something, after that world tour I know you’re planning. 🙂

My Pilates trainer always says stuff like “the key is to keep that pelvis still while the limbs are moving!” so for that particular exercise, if you’re feeling your back arch when you lower your legs, and then it flattens back out when you lift them, that shouldn’t be happening. Keep that transverse tight!

And good advice from the trainer here to keep the elbows wide (I hear “Keep the collarbone oooopen!” yelled at me kind of a lot) to keep the stress off the neck.

Keeping those heels glued together works the inner thighs as well. For an extra challenge to the quads and the outer thighs, try flexing the feet (heels still together!) as the legs lower, and then point and reeeach to the sky as you lift the legs up (Pilates principles of opposition).

*looks around*
*sits down again*

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