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The Weekly Recap: May 3, 2014

by Erika Nicole Kendall

I’m tired of y’all fussing at me about how much I suck at promoting my own work, where I’ll be and what I’ve got going on next. I even forgot to spend time celebrating my 30th birthday that actually passed months ago. I know, I know, I know. The life of a work-a-holic.

The truth is, I spend so much time working that I forget to look up and let y’all know what I’m doing. Not only that, but I’m a bit bashful! I work hard, I’m out here, and I like to let my work speak for me. Me speaking for me just feels… weird. Besides, y’all prop me up much better than I ever could, and I’m grateful – sooooooooo grateful – for that.

Hopefully, doing a weekly recap of what’s going on will help me keep everyone better informed. You can expect these every Saturday from now on.

What’s Most Important

Gotta pay that rent. Shoutout to everyone who weeped a little bit when they cut that check. Here’s looking forward to the day when I’m cutting that check to pay the mortgage, not just the rent.

Also, you can still win that lovely Polar FT4 by contributing to the #ScaleFreeSpring hashtag on either Twitter, Instagram or Facebook! If you’re wondering what it means to be scale free, check out this Google Hangout video. (As a side note, I really like these Google Hangouts! We need to do more of them. Lets, shall we?)

(And yes, Pret is delicious.)


Where I’m Going

Who’s got two thumbs and is going to be presenting at BlogHer Food 2014 this month? Meeeeee! I’ll be presenting in partnership with Nokia to discuss food photography using your mobile phone, and how to use that to build your audience as a food blogger.

What I’ve Written

Over at EBONY.com, I’ve shared three quick tips to help even the person with the worst eating habits make the transition into clean eating.

On the Blog

We talked about your panties this week. You should go read that.

I further solidified my obsession with goat cheese a bit more.

United Healthcare and its new initiative for the black community – Live Well, Pass It On – paid us a visit here at BGG2WL.

I got to meet Seane Corn, and she hugged me and gave me encouraging words. So basically, I won.

What I’m Reading

D.L. Hughley’s pretty much still a scumbag. (And yes, he apologized. Still, the price of damns is high, so I can’t be bothered to give any.)

Basically, this guy wants to do what processed food is already trying to do… except his understanding of nutrition is embarrassing and terrifying.

On the YouTube

I stopped doing the daily training logs partly because I don’t know how helpful I find them for you guys – I want to make everything I share with you as helpful as possible, not just some narcissistic view into my life – but also because I’m still trying to figure out the best use of my YouTube channel. Ahh, must think harder. Any thoughts?

Comments of the Week

“I have been doing a LOT yet not until #CEBootCamp did I realize how much was second nature to me & a lot of traits I can cut out with minimal effort. If I take accountability. I see that I will be abusing the hashtags as they help me to stay on target. It also helps me to not care so much about what others are doing, since I realize I am doing what works for me.” – @AquariusDaisy

(Told y’all it’s easy! Just gotta let mama guide you into it.)

Yes. Say no to hockey pucks.


What You’re Writing

Did you write something on your blog this week? Tell us about it in the comments!

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