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The Welcome to #ScaleFreeSpring Video Chat

by Erika Nicole Kendall

Hey, there! Wednesday evening, I did a quick little video chat to introduce #ScaleFreeSpring – I mean, sure, spring started a couple of weeks ago, but it didn’t feel like spring until a couple of weeks ago! So, there!

Here’s how you can be a part of #ScaleFreeSpring:

1) Share your workout victories! Did you test your 1-rep max and find that it’s almost 20lbs higher than before? Did you hit a PR on your run? Did you finally master that crane pose? Tweet about it! Even better, instagram it! Share the little victories that make the activity meaningful to you. Since one of the tenets of #ScaleFreeSummer is to find an activity that challenges you, pushed you to grow and do better… the moment you realize that you’re progressing in your skill should be an exciting one! Share it – pat yourself on the back, and give someone else a little encouragement along the way!

2) Share your better choices. Did you finally succeed in walking past that [insert donut shop] instead of walking inside? Chile, I know how hard that is! Share that victory on the #ScaleFreeSummer hashtag so that I can commend you! Did you finally go to the gym five days in a row? Share that victory! Did you successfully avoid the snack food aisle at the store? Did you find a new grocery store that has everything you want or need? Did you find a new activity to fall in love with? Did you take all the money you’d saved on skipping the snack food, and use it to buy some new running shoes? Share that! And show me the shoes! (I love a good pair of workout shoes!)

3) Share your fitness progress. How’s that progress dress fitting? Did it suddenly become easier to, ahem, drop down and get’cha eagle on? Were you finally able to deliver that epic one-two punch? You know how I speak, often, of the fact that I used to not be able to get up from seats and cars without bracing myself? I used to have to put both hands on the seat in order to get up from a chair; I had to put one hand on the car door and the other hand on the roof of the car in order to lift myself out of a car. I cried the first day I realized I no longer had to do that. That’s progress. That’s becoming more fit. It’s also not as much about weight loss as it is muscle development facilitating more efficient movement. That’s something to celebrate.

4) Cheer on others! Maybe you’re not ready to share, yourself, just yet. Not to fear. Check out the hashtag, and give someone else praise! It’s rough out there, sharing parts of yourself with strangers – well, I’m not a stranger.. I know each one of you… personally…okay, maybe not, but still! – especially when it’s hard to gauge how supportive your audience will be. Having that close-knit collective of supportive, like-minded individuals can serve as even more of a push towards committing to the goal. Tweet someone, using the #ScaleFreeSummer hashtag, and sing their praises! Cheer them on! Even give them a little “Awesome!” or “I see ya!” to let them know they’re getting it done.

Excerpted from Friday 5: 5 Ways YOU Can Become a Part of #ScaleFreeSummer TODAY! | A Black Girl’s Guide To Weight Loss

I’m going to add a 5th component, here: Win prizes! I like prizes, don’t you?

And, I love Polar. Don’t you?


See that? That could be yours. Gotta tweet to win. And, at the end of the season, the person who has done the most sharing for #ScaleFreeSpring will win it. And, since I’m adding prizes regularly, we won’t only be rewarding the person who shares the most – maybe we’ll also reward the most supportive person! Or the most inspiring person! Or the one with the best food photos! (That’s right – come on and give me a run for my money!)

Catch you on the hashtag! Enjoy your #ScaleFreeSpring!

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