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Sponsored: Building My At-Home Gym with Muscle Ropes

by Erika Nicole Kendall

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Muscle Ropes.

For once, I’m going to try to make a long story short: I’m considering parting ways with my gym. I know, I know. I’ve grown attached to my little corner of the fitness world, but between the commute to the gym and the amount of time I lose there goofing off with friends… I need to be home.

That being said, I’ve been toying around with the idea of building a workout that I can complete at home with minimal disruption to both my neighbors and my family – what if I wanna work out while someone’s sleeping? do I have to move half of the furniture out of my house in order to use it? – so I’ve been scoping out what’s on the market in terms of new fitness gear. Besides, I won’t always train people at gyms, and I’d really prefer not to.


That’s why…when FitFluential popped up with the opportunity for me to check out the Muscle Ropes, I jumped at it. I think many of us are familiar with battle ropes that give that amazing burn, of course…but Muscle Ropes gives it to us in a variety of colors, lengths and (thereby) weights. Not only that, but the product is made in the USA – something I don’t see nearly enough of, nowadays.


The rope I received was the Muscle Ropes Giant Jump Rope which looked and felt like, well, a super-duper heavy jump rope. It felt like just the right length for me, while also being heavy enough to give my upper body a major workout from turning that rope so many times. I mean, I was genuinely impressed! Jumping rope with a weighted rope can almost be a full body activity if you work it right, so this Muscle Rope felt right on target.

This particular rope is nine feet long, made of Muscle Ropes’ standard polypropolene, and its ends are sealed with “industrial-strength heat shrink.” It feels like hard, sturdy rubber in your hands, and doesn’t irritate like it might leave callouses or scrapes. Muscle Ropes claimed that the ropes do not damage hardwood floors, and they’re right – I find that ropes with frayed strands or edges are what damage flooring, and their ropes didn’t have a single one I could spot… and trust me, I was looking. I like my floors. Unscraped.

Now, this specific rope wouldn’t be large enough for, say, the alternating rope slams that you might know of when it comes to battle ropes, but I think there’s another way to get in a good workout complete with cardio burn when it comes to the ropes, no matter the length…


…ta da!

Oh, and are you wondering what an “in and out” and a “tip toe” is? Make sure you’re following me on twitter and on instagram to find out! I’ll be posting videos of me teaching you those moves all week!

Be sure to check out Muscle Ropes on their Facebook and Twitter/Instagram accounts, and check out everyone else’s suggested workouts on the #muscleropes hashtag!

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Kami September 25, 2013 - 9:20 AM

This look cool. During my semester at school, I dont want to attend gym classes because I need study time. Now, I need to find an at home workout. Lately the video on youtube have been amazing but worried if these videos are legit. Do you offer personal training session let me know.

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