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Fit Gear Review: The Zing Anything Citrus Zinger Juicer

by Erika Nicole Kendall
Zing Anything Citrus Zinger Juicer

During my pregnancy with my first child, I had an obsession with orange sodapop. While I was carrying Sprout, however, I was determined to be different this time. I wanted a healthier pregnancy, and that meant fighting the orange sodapop cravings.

That is…until the cravings showed up, somewhere around my second trimester. Ugh.

I’m not buying any damn orange sodapop. I’m not. The stuff tastes gross, that’s not what actual oranges taste like, and I could do without all that sugar. I’m also a huge proponent of not drinking my calories.

Ed, trying to avoid a meltdown on my part, promptly grabbed me a bottle of mineral water so that I could at least get the fizz… but what about flavor? I grabbed a lemon from the fridge, squeezed it in the glass, poured the fizzy water on top of it, and sat back with a deep breath.

Every time I got this weird little craving, which felt like once a week, I made this little drink. It kept me from making choices I would later regret.

Later, as I was going through my home and finding things I could donate in order to make space for Sprout’s new stuff, I uncovered a water bottle that I received from FITNESS Magazine’s #FitBlogNYC event that was hosted in the city last year.

Zing Anything Citrus Zinger Juicer

Zing Anything Citrus Zinger Juicer

Made of BPA-free plastic, the bottle has an actual juicer that allows you to turn the bottle upside down (the cap has a flat top to help facilitate this very action) so that you can press your citrus fruit down on tit to get every drop of juice down into your drink.

Zing Anything Citrus Zinger Juicer

Zing Anything Citrus Zinger Juicer

I like this bottle. For those of us who are still working their way away from a sodapop addiction, this bottle serves as a polite reminder that you have a healthier alternative readily available for you. For those who struggle with the messiness of making your own juice to put in your fizzy water or still water, this bottle simplifies the entire process for you. And, the added benefit of leaving the piece of fruit attached in the bottom of the bottle means you also get the flavor that comes from the rind of the fruit instead of just the insides, which is far more potent. (Just make sure you clean the outside of your citrus before you put it in the bottle!)

Zing Anything Citrus Zinger Juicer

Zing Anything Citrus Zinger Juicer

The bottle has a slight drawback, though – in reattaching the cap to the bottom of the bottle, if you fail to close that cap in any way, your bottle will drip nonstop when turned right-side up. The seam requires a bit of elbow grease to tighten, an issue that you’ll notice the reviewers of the product have mentioned. It doesn’t seal like any other cap, primarily because the bottle splits in half right where so much of the liquid sits, so it’s up to you to make sure it’s tightly shut.

Besides that, this bottle is a dream. Those of you looking for ways to start cutting the “sweet” in your lives, you might need to check out this bottle! Click here to take a look at the Zing Anything Citrus Zinger Juicer, and if you use my link to make your purchase, I get a few coins from your purchase!

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Tabitha Talon September 24, 2015 - 8:34 PM

Hi so it is ok to drink fizzed water? I have yet to research that to make sure it was ok and whats in it and how its made, but if it is then i am all for it!! At this point when i have it i drink ginger ale and sierra mist (highly rare now).

Erika Nicole Kendall September 27, 2015 - 6:54 PM

Ginger ale/Sierra Mist isn’t the same thing as fizzy water – fizzy water has no flavor and no sugar.

Tabitha Talon September 27, 2015 - 8:23 PM

Ok cool. Then that will help tons to kick my soda habit!!! I cant wait to get this cup and they have it in a bigger size.

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