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Video Vault: Clips From Olympic Medalist Gabrielle Douglas’ Appearance On Oprah

by Erika Nicole Kendall

While I was sleeping (figuratively speaking), Miss “Gabulous” covered Jet Magazine!

Last night, Gabrielle “Gabby” Douglas let Oprah [and all those cameras] into her home, and into her life. I missed the showing itself, but luckily for me (and anyone like me) the OWN network has a pretty active YouTube account and website. (Oh, and speaking of YouTube accounts…)

Douglas speaks on a number of things, including something that lots of people seemed to pick up on from clips of the team’s behavior during the Olympic finals:

Can’t say I’m surprised.

Cheers to Miss Douglas being an ordinary teenager who has extraordinary talents. She makes me excited to see what kinds of amazing things I can cultivate in my own children. Now, pardon me while I go paint some inspirational words on my Kyli’s ceiling and walls.

Did you see the interview? What did you think? What stood out to you?

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marie August 27, 2012 - 12:20 PM

This video is not available in your country… Sigh

Annette August 28, 2012 - 7:14 PM

Well they weren’t talking about the Olympic team but the team she was training with when she was young. Most of these girls on the Olympic team train with different clubs. They aren’t the best of friends yet I see when they were at the stock exchange for the photo ops they were trying to make sure the photographers paid attention to them.

The two on the team the captain and the one that won the 2011 World Champion didn’t pan out the way they wanted.

Gabriel seem to have lost her focus and power in the individual gold events where she could have gotten another gold especially in the uneven bars.

Yeah racism is an issue but her her family issues will be what I am watching. Already they have reported that her mother has had two bankruptcies. Hopefully they will handle her fiances correctly to make sure she has a nest egg. Most gymnastic careers don’t last long. With Oprah there I hope she has formed a relationship and has someone to talk to and give her advice.

A lot of money coming in and she is a minor just hope we won’t hear about the family falling apart. It took a lot for her to get the gold but does that mean she will support her entire family for life.

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