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The Winner of Our First Recipe Contest Issss…..

by Erika Nicole Kendall

First, I’d like to thank all of the contest participants. We’re going to do these frequently, so that we can hopefully get recipes that cater to everyone’s different tastes and regions, here. I mean, thanksgiving-stuffed chicken, blackened seafood sandwiches and sweet-potato stuffed peppers are quite creative… and since this site really belongs to the community, what better way to contribute than to give your own recipes… and what better way to be rewarded for it than to receive new cookware, yes?

Having said that… the winner of the first ever BGG2WL Recipe Contest is…

Blackened Tilapia Po Boys with Garlicky Green Onion Aioli

Congratulations! I’ll be contacting the winner via e-mail to ensure they receive their prize, and we’ll be hosting another contest – with new rules – after the holiday! Bon appetit!

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