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Shot Girls: Read An Excerpt From A Video Vixen’s Book About Booty Injections

by Erika Nicole Kendall

In an effort to try to understand this whole booty injection situation, I’m doing everything I can to try to read how this process happens, why it happens, and what a woman is thinking when she elects to have these procedures done.

Enter… Vanity Wonder.

As a “video vixen,” I guess, Vanity has spent over $15,000 on booty injections so that she could have the figure you see here. She has also written a book about her experiences, Shot Girls, where she writes in moderately graphic detail about her procedures and the life that led her down a cycle of becoming addicted to the booty injections.

An excerpt of the book is below. There are… I’m just… let’s just say I’m still speechless.


Even though I had kicked the drugs, that didn’t mean I was going to kick my appointment to get pumped. In my mind, the two were never connected. It’s not like I was high when I decided that I wanted them, and I saw no harm in getting them. I had always wanted a better body and on top of that, I liked the compliments that I’d got when I was a little thicker. I was excited about my impending appointment. I can’t say that I ever had any thoughts that were good or bad about getting shots. I was just very excited, a little scared and somewhat curious.

When my appointment came, that cold night in November 2006, I had every emotion you could imagine running through me. Onyx, another dancer named Denim and I, met at the Detroit Teaser at around 9pm. Onyx wasn’t getting done but since she was our plug, she had to take us to the shot lady. Our appointments weren’t until like 10:30 and 11pm, so to pass the time we sat in the club and chatted with our friends.

When the time came, the three of us jumped in the same car and started on our way. I was in the backseat and didn’t know our destination but I didn’t care. I was just trying to remain calm. In the front seat, Onyx and Denim were talking at a normal volume but I could faintly hear them. Onyx was calling Luxor to get the information on what hotel she was at and what room number she was in. Since I wasn’t paying attention, I didn’t hear the information that Onyx repeated back through the phone but about 15 minutes later, we arrived at our destination.

As we got off the elevator, onto the floor where Luxor’s room was, two girls approached us to get on. They looked at us like they knew what we were about to do and we looked at them like we knew what they had just done. We arrived at the room number and Onyx knocked on the door. We were let in by a short, chubby, Hispanic looking man. He was very bubbly and full of smiles as he greeted Onyx. She introduced him to us as Casey. He greeted us as warmly as he greeted Onyx. I could tell he was gay even before he said it, but it didn’t matter to me. I immediately liked him. I felt a good vibe from him.

As Casey and Onyx talked, Denim and I sat on the couch and I got a good look around the room. It was a regular hotel room, nothing special. We were in the living room with the TV, couch and chair. To the right was the bedroom. To the right of that was the bathroom and we could hear running water because that’s where Luxor was. To the right of that was the kitchen and to the right of that was us in the living room. There was a massage table that was halfway in the kitchen and halfway in the living room.

Finally, the one we were waiting for came out of the bathroom and she was HUGE.

“Hi, I’m Luxor,” she said in a very get-down-to-business way.

Onyx greeted her and introduced us by name. Then, they started chatting like there weren’t two very nervous people in the room who were ready to get this over with. As they talked, I tried not to be rude but I kept sneaking looks of Luxor. Something was off. She was an average looking woman in the face, dark skinned with a thick New York accent. Her breasts were huge and she had a big jiggly booty. She was over 6ft tall though, with huge hands and feet and her voice was kind of, well, deep. I blew it off like maybe she was just a big woman.

While the two of them caught up, Luxor brashly instructed Casey to put the numbing ointment on me and Denim. He called us over one at a time and rubbed a gel on our butts, then covered them with saran wrap. When I pulled my pants down, he was surprised.

“OH! You smell just like baby powder! It’s nice to get somebody in here that smell good. Some of these girls come in here smellin’ so bad!” he said.

After that, we were instructed to sit down and let the numbing gel work.

About 5 minutes went by then Luxor turned and asked us who was going to go first. Denim was visibly shaken and told me that I should go first. Even in the weeks leading up to us doing this, she had talked about being scared. I was too, but I refused to show it. I didn’t WANT to go first but if it meant getting through this, then I was happy to. After thinking about it for a second, Denim decided that if she seen me go first and have a bad time with it, then she wouldn’t get done. She said that she should just go first and not wanting to miss out on a sale, Luxor agreed.

I watched as Denim paid her $500, took off her jogging pants and climbed on the massage table. As she was getting injected, there were points when she was having a bad time and points when she was fine. I didn’t know what to make of the mixed bag of tricks. I asked her what it felt like and she couldn’t explain it. She was relieved to be done, and then it was my turn. I immediately wished it was someone else who was going to get shot with these needles. I mean, I freakin’ HATE needles. I have a hard time getting my blood drawn or getting vaccinated. I wished that someone else could take the pain but I would get the bigger butt. WHY had I let Denim go first?! That could be me, all done and sitting on the couch! Timeout for the fears and regrets because it was now my turn on the table. I gave Luxor my $500 and took off my pants.

As I was getting on the table, Luxor decided that she wanted to lay down for a minute. She had been pumping girls all day and wanted to take a break. She instructed Casey to do my butt. I didn’t let it show but I was extremely disappointed. I felt cheated by getting second string Casey. He was super nice and I liked him but he wasn’t the one who I’d come here to see. I questioned his skills. Still, I put my head through the face hole in the massage table and waited to be poked.

Casey put a pair of gloves on and grabbed a Dixie cup. Then, he pulled out a bottle and poured some liquid from it, into the cup. He submerged the syringe inside the cup and pulled the plunger to gather the liquid into it. The last thing he did was screw the needle onto the syringe.

In an effort not to startle me with the initial poke, he let me know that he was ready to start injecting. I would be getting 9 shots in a vertical direction on my butt. There would be 3 injection sites (top, middle and bottom) with three shots in each site. His hands were gentle as he stuck the needle in my left cheek for the first time. The poke hurt a little but it was nothing compared to the feeling of the liquid flooding into my butt. It was a sharp pain that shot down my leg, into my knee and shin, then back again. I’ve never been struck by lightning but I’m pretty sure that’s what this felt like. I had to breathe.

After he emptied that first, full syringe of liquid into my cheek, he unscrewed it from the needle so the needle would stay stuck in my butt. He went back to the Dixie cup and repeated the action of submerging the syringe in the cup, and pulling the plunger to gather liquid into it. He then screwed the syringe back on the needle that was still stuck in my butt and injected me with the second full syringe of liquid. He repeated this a third time. I was in pain.

When the third injection was finished, he pulled the syringe and needle out of my butt and wiped the area clean with a cotton pad that had been doused with alcohol. Then, he used superglue to seal the poke hole that was made by the needle. After that, he pressed a fresh, dry cotton pad on the super glue so it would stick and moved on.

This time the injection was made in the middle of the same cheek and injected three times as well. He also repeated with the alcohol, superglue and cotton pad before he moved to the bottom of the same cheek and repeated the three shots there as well. I was relieved when he was done with that first cheek. I was allowed to stand up and bend my knees because they were aching from the pain. I looked at my butt in the long mirror that was on the outside of the bathroom. It wasn’t a major improvement but I was happy with the results so far.

As I hopped back up on the massage table, Luxor came out of the room with an attitude. She must have felt like Casey was taking too long on me because in her same brash manner, she told him that she would finish up. I was so happy about this!! After all, she IS who I’d come here to see and I was finally about to get what I paid for. Satisfied, I relaxed on the table. This satisfaction was to be short lived.

As much attitude as she’d given Casey, she gave my right butt cheek even more. She stuck the needle in hard and injected the semi thick, greasy liquid in fast. This burned, ALOT. I let out a yelp and she quickly cut me down to size.


She was trying to rush the fluid in so she could hurry up and finish but she had to know how much more that made the process hurt. It feels like the pain is doubled when it’s done that way. I was so glad when she finished that right cheek and glued me up so we could go. She placed a piece of saran wrap over my butt and sent me over to the others in the room so they could help me get on my jogging pants.

Walking out of the hotel in that cold, November air made the pain that much worse. Onyx got in the driver’s seat, Denim in the passenger seat and I slowly crawled into the back and lied down. It was so cold. She started up the car and I was praying for the heat to come on so I could get a little more comfortable. Until that happened, I was ready to crawl out of my skin. My butt wouldn’t stop burning. I was so uncomfortable.

By the time we got back to the club, I was ready to lie down so I hopped in my car and drove to a friend’s house. He knew what I’d gone to do so he didn’t mind the cotton circles super glued to my butt or the saran wrap. We weren’t in a relationship or anything, we were just real cool. He said that getting the shots was a good look and if I wanted to get more, that he would help me pay for them. I went to sleep feeling loved and happy.

The next morning, I woke up and was more than ready to get the cotton and superglue off of my butt. As I drove home, I thought about the instructions I’d been given on how to remove everything and how to take care of my new backside. I was supposed to soak in a hot bath, and after a while, the super glue would loosen and with little to no effort, the cotton would come off. The instructions were also to NOT pull, tug or rip off the cotton and to immediately start massaging it as soon as I got out of the tub.

The reason for not pulling off the cotton was because it might scar or pull off the seal that the superglue had created and start leaking out, what you’d just paid to get put in. The reason for massaging was because the liquid needed to be integrated into your butt right away. It had only been injected into three areas of each cheek and you don’t want it to bunch up there. It needed to be massaged around so it would settle evenly all over your butt. You needed a series of good massages if you didn’t want lumps.

I followed these instructions and the cotton came off without incident. I was happy with the results and couldn’t wait to go to work so all the girls could see how good it turned out. When I got there they gave me good compliments and I was happy about the little attention I received. It felt good to get compliments that I never thought I would. But did I make more money at work? Did guys even notice that I had got it done? Did ANYONE that I hadn’t previously told, notice that I’d gotten it done? No. I was still a popular nobody.

I didn’t see anything wrong with that though. I didn’t see these shots as a way out of that. I had never been a guy magnet and didn’t think injections would make me one. I was perfectly happy being the Vanity that made everyone laugh and was cool with sitting in the back seat. I was motivated by having a better body, not by what others thought of me. Coming from what I had, I was just happy to be there. But yeah, I decided to get more.

After me and the other girls had gone and got pumped, there started to be more of an open dialogue about it. The girls that were normally to themselves about such things started to open up. The topic went from a campfire to a small brush fire quickly. Competition is one hell of a drug and almost everybody is on it. The girls who hadn’t been pumped were so curious about the process. They had all the questions that I had when I’d first seen Onyx’s butt and even more.

Then, one of them asked the question that everyone who had been pumped should’ve been able to answer. What was it that was injected into us? Of course none of us could answer this question, the most important question. I felt stupid before anyone said we were. Yes, we sure were stupid to not know what we had injected into our bodies. And not only for that, but also for other things that were extremely wrong with this situation. Some of the girls that were in the dressing room were just as disgusted by our lack of knowledge, as I had been the year earlier. We decided to call Onyx and ask her what Luxor had injected us with, when the conversation took a turn and a couple of the girls said that they’d heard that Luxor was a man.

On the phone, Onyx verified that Luxor was indeed a man. How much of a man she was now, Onyx didn’t know but she knew with 100% certainty that Luxor was born a man. I started thinking back to when I’d met her. I knew something was off about her voice, hands and feet but her huge breasts and jiggly booty threw me off. I was shocked because I’d never met anyone like her before but I didn’t particularly care. I’ve never been close minded and judging people takes up too much energy so I choose to spend that on something else.

Onyx also went on to say, that she would call Luxor to see exactly what it was that was injected in us but she was pretty sure that it was Soybean Oil. She said that she needed to call her to set up our next appointments anyway so she would make sure she asked. After getting off of the phone with Onyx, I felt better now that I “knew” (and I use that word loosely) what was pumped inside me. I mean, Soybean oil sounds all natural, from the earth and harmless right?

Since Luxor lived in, and was based out of New York, it wasn’t often that she came to Detroit. She went to other cities also so we had to wait our turn. It seemed like it was taking too long and I was getting impatient. All of us talked about our next butt shot appointment every day and the anticipation was growing. None of us could wait for our new look.

Around February, one of the other dancers and I, had a conversation about where we were trying to take our bodies and how big we wanted our butts. The topic came up about the little Dixie cup of “soybean oil” Luxor gives out and how many times we would have to go to her to see real results. The dancer said that she’d heard about a lady that everybody called Freeway, who lives in Detroit. She said, Freeway had done a lot of the older girls and gives a lot more liquid than Luxor. I told her that since I wanted twice as many shots as I got last time, I was planning on paying Luxor $1000. She said that she was too and that she heard Freeway charges that.

The wheels in my head were turning. I could give Luxor this $1000 and get twice as much as last time or I could give this $1000 to Freeway, and get who knows how much. I asked her how serious she was about going to Freeway and she said that if I would go with her, then she was definitely going to go. It seemed like a good idea so I told her that I’d go with her. She said that she would find out all the information about Freeway from one of the other girls we worked with named Nova. Even though Nova was in denial and would never acknowledge the fact that she got shots, we all knew she had. I told her that if she could get the information out of this secretive girl, then we were all set. I felt positive about this decision because I knew that I was going to get shot up again, my only deliberation was by whom. Now that was figured out.

After deciding to go to Freeway, I talked to Onyx to tell her that she could cancel my appointment with Luxor. She didn’t think this was a good idea at all and voiced her concerns. She said that I should stick to what I knew and what was already in my body. She also pointed out that it probably wouldn’t be the wisest thing to mix substances and that I didn’t know enough about Freeway. Her operation was so secretive, that none of us had really ever heard anything about her. Onyx said that she’d heard that Freeway shot a girl with Lysol and that she had also been to jail before.

“Who knows,” she said, “That might be what she was in jail for.”

After hearing that, I decided not to go to Freeway but to keep my appointment with Luxor. I figured that, me and a number of other girls from the club had already gone to her and were still walking, talking and breathing. My logic was that I had a better chance of staying healthy with something that I had already been through, than something new. All I had to do was be patient and wait for my appointment date, which was sometime in late March/early April.

Around early March, with the date steadily approaching, butt shots went from the small brush fire I described earlier, to a wildfire. We had new girls coming in, finding out what we had done, and deciding to get pumped too. Most of us had either gotten it or were going to get it, and in some cases, it was all of the above. It started irritating me that everyone was so interested in getting pumped. As I said earlier, Competition is one hell of a drug. I felt like with me getting pumped I was going to have a 1 up, but not now. My competitive nature was revving up. Nobody likes to lose. I just kept thinking about this $1000 that I was going to give Luxor for double the work and I was SURE that my butt would trump all of theirs. [source]

There’s also another chapter available to read for free online

By the time the week of our appointments with Luxor came, about 10 dancers from the club had decided to go. Onyx made all of our appointments and Luxor followed up with her, to make sure that all of us were coming for sure. She also told Onyx that it was, all natural Soybean Oil that was injected in us and that it wouldn’t hurt us. I was satisfied with this explanation and didn’t question it any further. The day before my appointment was a Thursday and it felt like Christmas. I was so excited. My male friend, that had promised to help me pay for the shots, came up to the club that night and gave me the money. I was all set for my appointment.

The next day, I woke up and my excitement level was just as high, if not higher, than it was the day before. I was 100% sure that this $1000 was going to put me over the edge and make my butt into what I envisioned in my head. I imagined all the other girls curled up in jealousy, while hundreds of guys wished they could get close to me. I was going to diss EVERYBODY. I couldn’t wait to show people who I was and rub their face in it. I was going to love what I saw, is all I kept thinking.

I called all of my friends that were going to get pumped that day and I also made sure to call Onyx. I wanted her to call Luxor to make sure that we were still on. My appointment was at like 11am and I didn’t want anything to get in the way of that because I still had to go to work that night. I tried to get off work but because they had enacted a new scheduling policy, it just wasn’t possible. If I missed this Friday night, then I wouldn’t be able to work the whole next week. With two kids, I couldn’t afford to be off work so I made my appointment early and would’ve made it even earlier
than I did if I could’ve.

I knew that I shouldn’t have been going to work the same night but I just hoped that my injection sites would be sealed by the time I got there. Denim, the dancer that I’d gone with the first time, was going again too and she was faced with this same problem. Actually, she was a little worse off than me. Her appointment was later in the day, so she would have a shorter time for her injection sites to seal. None of these obstacles made us rethink our plans though.

Since I live so far from Detroit, Onyx told me that after I got done, I could go to her house and rest before I had to go to work. I would be able to soak in her tub and she’d help me with the cotton circles. After hanging up with her, I made sure that I was washed, smelling good and had on loose jogging pants. I then took the hour and a half drive, from my house, to the hotel Luxor was staying at. It was my first time in that area, so I had to call the hotel for directions but I eventually pulled up at The Inn.

Since Onyx was the only one with the information on what room we were supposed to be going to, I parked and called her. She was riding with Cotton Candy, who was going to get done right after me. Another dancer, named Honey, was also on the way. Onyx tried to get Honey an appointment but since she decided so late, Luxor had only brought enough work for the girls who had confirmed their appointments ahead of time. She said that if someone cancelled, then Honey could get done but outside of that, she couldn’t help her.

Honey decided to come anyway because she wanted to see the process. She was also hoping that with her already being there, Luxor would just go ahead and pump her. Onyx told me what building to park outside of and to just wait in my car. Either I was early, or Luxor was running behind, because she still had two girls in there with her. Knowing how secretive this is, I understood.

There are rules to this game and you need to understand them to play. For one, the girls that are in the room probably don’t want you to know who they are, just as you probably don’t want them to know you. It’s all about anonymity and deniability. For two, people that congregate and run in and out of the hotel rooms draw attention. I knew what we were doing was illegal and I didn’t want to get caught any more than anyone else did. I didn’t mind sitting in my car and playing by the rules.

About 15 minutes later, Onyx still hadn’t arrived, but the two girls that were in the room with Luxor emerged. I immediately put my head down and looked away. The reason I looked away wasn’t because I was scared of them or because I didn’t want to recognize them. I did it for probably the same reason they were half covering their faces with beauty supply store bought faux LV scarves and walking with their eyes glued to the ground.

We knew what we were doing was considered “wrong”. Even if I, or they, didn’t personally think it was, the fact remained that it was generally considered something that was wrong to do. I guess you could argue the fact that some part of us had to feel embarrassed or ashamed. I can’t really be sure. I was too busy being fueled by competition and the love of compliments to notice if that’s what was going on or not.

Onyx and Cotton Candy finally pulled up, followed by Honey a couple minutes later. We all hopped out of our cars and walked around to the back, where Luxor’s room was. Onyx wasn’t looking too good. She was pregnant and I think the morning sickness was getting to her. We moved out of the way so she could knock on the door and Luxor hurried us all in. Once inside, she gave Onyx a hug and they started talking about her pregnancy. Since now I knew that Luxor was really a man, I took a good long look at her.

Nothing had changed and she didn’t look any more or less like a woman. Her brash and rude attitude that I remembered hadn’t changed either. If women didn’t covet better bodies, she’d never have customers. She most certainly was not friendly or nice and knew nothing of good customer service. Money was clearly her motive and nothing else. The only friends she was interested in making, were the kind you spend.

Some said that the reason she was so snotty and abrasive to us girls is because she was mad and jealous that she wasn’t born one. That she harbored some sort of animosity towards girls because of this. Well, whatever the reason WHY she was so uncouth, the fact remained that she WAS uncouth. She commenced to talking to Onyx for about 10 minutes and told her about her upcoming plans.

She said that she was getting several overseas requests, so she was about to go to England. When Onyx asked her how she was going to get the “soybean oil” past customs, she hesitated. She didn’t want to say how in front of us, but in the spirit of bragging, she did anyway.

“I’m going to have it mailed to the hotel,” she said, in a tone that suggested she thought she was smarter than everyone else.

Then she got up and asked who was going first.

My appointment was first so I handed her my bank envelope with the $1000 in it. Even though I was used to having money, that was a lot for me to just hand someone and I was kind of expecting her to be more enthusiastic about it. She just took the envelope and tossed it on the counter. Spirits crushed, but not visibly, I asked her if she was even going to open it and count it. She said no and asked me to get on the table. Before I did, I made sure that she knew there was $1000 dollars in that envelope so she would remember to give me twice as much.

This time, there was no numbing agent but it didn’t matter because last time it didn’t help anyway. As she prepared the syringe, and poured the “soybean oil” into the Dixie cup, Honey asked her if it is possible for her to get done. Without even looking up, Luxor said that she’d only brought enough for the girls that made appointments ahead of time and so far, they had all shown up. She said that if I was to only get $500 worth then she could do her.

“Shiiiiiiit,” I thought.

There was no way on GOD’s green earth I was going to let Honey get my blessings injected into her. NO WAY. Still, she asked me, knowing full well I was going to say no. She turned to Cotton Candy and asked her if she was still going to get done and she anxiously said yes. Honey was a fool if she thought anyone in that room was giving up their work. Luxor told her that earlier a girl called and said that she might not be able to make it. If she didn’t show then Honey could come back and get done. In the midst of their conversation, Luxor had started injecting me. It was just as brutal, if not more, than the last time. I was in so much pain that I wasn’t paying attention to exactly how much I was getting, but I’m sure I didn’t get my $1000 dollars worth.

As she was injecting me, something made Luxor look up. When she did, all hell broke loose. She saw that Onyx was watching TV, but Cotton Candy and Honey were turned around, watching her pump me. They could’ve been counting how many injections she was giving me or they could’ve just been curious and wanted to watch.

Either way, they were about to get it.


After belting that out, she looked a little closer at the living room area and what she saw took her to a new level of pissed. Both, Cotton Candy and Honey were sitting on the couch, and all that was left for pregnant Onyx, was the arm of the couch.

She really flew off the handle now.


She stopped injecting me to go get Onyx and lead her to sit the bed.

“I can’t believe they see you ain’t feelin’ good and they let you just sit on the arm of the couch,” she said.

She asked if Onyx wanted any water and offered her some of the takeout food she had there. After making sure she was ok, Luxor came back over to me to finish my pumping.

After giving me the 3 injection sites in each cheek, she still had some “soybean oil” leftover. Instead of throwing it out, she injected one of my cheeks with it. Because of this, I had 3 injection sites in one cheek and 4 in the other. This meant that one of my cheeks had more in it than the other. I can’t say that at the moment, I really processed this. I was in way too much pain and ready to leave. She put the saran wrap on my butt and I got off the table. As Cotton Candy hopped on the table to get done, Onyx and I said our goodbyes and left.

I got in on the passenger side of my car and Onyx hopped in the driver’s seat. I leaned the seat as far back as it would go and lied on my stomach, facing the back seat. Onyx was in awe. She started laughing and asked me what I was doing. I told her that I refused to sit on this $1500 dollars worth of ass just yet and that made her laugh even harder. She buckled me in as best she could and we made our way to the club. Since Onyx was a manager, there was some business there that she needed to tend to.

During the car ride, some of my butt pain subsided. When we got in the club, she went straight upstairs but I stayed downstairs. I straddled a chair and waited for her to get done. Some time passed while I was waiting, and Cotton Candy walked in. We immediately started chatting about Luxor and our new booties.

A couple minutes later, when a guy in the club called Cotton Candy over to him and said something in her ear, I assumed she knew him. She walked back over to me and told me that the guy knew me. She said that he called me by my real name. Curious, I got up and walked over to him. Sure enough, he was a guy that I had gone to Jr. High with. He stood up to give me a hug, and then sat back down. I straddled a chair so we could chop it up. Cotton Candy immediately called me over to her, to tell me that my saran wrap and part of my cotton circles were showing.

I pulled my shirt down but I kind of didn’t care. I mean, what was he going to say? This was a guy that knew me at my poorest, when my family couldn’t afford good clothes or a car. I had come up past that and was on to spending big money. I’d just bought a butt for goodness sake! It was at that moment, that I decided, I didn’t care what anyone thought of me or my butt shots. To come from what I did, I was proud of myself and neither he nor anyone else was going to make me feel bad about being myself.

I walked back over to him and he asked me what I had sticking out of my pants. I told him that both my girl and I had just got some butt shots. He didn’t seem to know what I was talking about but I knew that was going to happen. You see, life inside the strip club moves at the speed of sound. You’d have to live it to really know what I’m talking about, but I knew this was probably something he’d never heard about. He just kind of looked at me while I told him that it was shots to make your butt bigger. I told him that’s why we weren’t sitting in the chairs but rather straddling them. After a shrug and a look at my butt, he told me it was cool.

When Onyx came downstairs, I threw him the deuces and was happy to be getting to her house. As soon as we got there, I fell asleep on the couch. She woke me up around 6:30 and ran me a bath, so I could soak the super glued cotton off. I just sat in the tub for about 45 minutes, still sleepy and dazed. I knew that I needed to get myself together for work that night, so I started working on gently freeing the super glued cotton from my butt.

A couple of times, I had to call Onyx in the bathroom to help me but we got them all off, with only a minor problem from one. I had no choice but to rip it off and as a result, it started leaking. Being that I had to get to work, I couldn’t be concerned with that. I dried off, lotioned up and drove to the club. I was excited to show off my new look that I’d gotten just mere hours earlier.

When I got in the dressing room, Denim was already there. It was super busy and everyone was talking about their pumping. One of the girls asked me to stand up so she could see my butt and I did. She was, simply put, unimpressed. She unleashed a tirade about how it didn’t really look that different, and how for $1000 my butt should’ve been bigger. She said that I should’ve gone to Freeway like Nova did.

Nova had always lied and denied ever having anything to do with butt shots but she was put on blast by her best friend that night. I couldn’t understand why this girl was being so snotty in critiquing the work I’d had done but I didn’t care. I was happy that I had SOMETHING done and happy that I was that much closer to looking how I wanted to. It was true that my butt didn’t turn out as I had envisioned it would, and I didn’t feel like I had gotten what I paid for but it was an improvement, or so I felt.

There was nothing I could do about getting ripped off. Back alley deals are usually met with back alley problems. What was I going to do, call the police? What was I going to tell them if I did? That a woman who was really a man, whom I’d met through a friend, didn’t give me as many illegal butt shots as I had paid for? That mess sounded like a bad, low budget movie script.

I decided to take the advice from the Serenity Prayer and accept the things I couldn’t change.

About 30 minutes later, this 18 yr old girl that we worked with strolled in. She had her appointment with Luxor about 2 ½ hours before coming to the club, and all 6 of her injection sites were leaking. BAD. It was apparent that she had taken her super glue and cotton off way too soon. She was at work now though, and didn’t want to leave so we decided to help her out any way we could.

The same house mom that was there during the time I almost overdosed was still there, and you could tell by the look on her face that she knew this was going to be a long night. She didn’t agree with what we were doing to our bodies but she still gathered the necessities. She provided us with plenty of rubbing alcohol so we could keep the injection sites clean. She wasn’t able to find any superglue but she did have nail glue so we tried to seal the young girl up as best we could with it.

Before we knew it, it was time for Denim to go on the stage. After her 2 song set, it was my turn. As soon as I walked up to the pole, I had to get my footing because the floor was extremely slippery.

“She must be leaking too,” I thought to myself.

I tried to go about my normal stage routine, but it was almost impossible because I couldn’t get traction. The “soybean oil” was all over the stage. In an effort to not look like a bumbling fool because of the slippery floor, I decided to get down and do a sexy floor show. I leaned my back against the pole for support and seductively slid down to the floor. As I sexily sat down on the stage, an excruciating pain consumed my body, radiating from my butt.

I quickly rolled to the side, hoping that no one could see the sheer pain on my face.

Sitting down on the hard stage was almost as painful as getting the shots and I’ll explain why. When you first get injected with the shots, they are just balls of liquid in your butt. As I said earlier, you need repeated and rough massages, to get the liquid spread evenly over your butt. Before getting the massages, it feels like golf balls under the skin of your butt. Can you imagine sitting on golf balls? I was ready to get off of the stage like yesterday. After my 2 songs, I went upstairs to clean my butt with alcohol so no infection started.

Directly after me, it was time for the 18 year old girl to get on the stage. When her 2 song set was over, she rushed up to the dressing room because of how badly she was leaking. We glued her up again, as best as we could, with the nail glue so she could get back on the floor. It went like this for the entire night. The cycle of the three of us going on stage in a row, rushing upstairs to douse our injection sites with alcohol and gluing the young girl up. Since the stage was slippery after we’d get off, the porter had to keep cleaning it. This irritated him, so we tipped him extra for his extra work.

Whenever we had a few free minutes, we would have various dancers massage our butts. It hurt like a knife in the ass but we knew that we needed to get the liquid massaged in. It hurts so bad to have someone pressing on that fluid to move it around but it was in there now and had to be done. Nova saw a couple of girls having a hard time massaging my butt so she took over. She knew exactly what to do and how to do it. Her massage was excruciatingly painful while she was doing it, but afterwards I felt like a million bucks. I’ve had a barrage of massages over these years of getting my butt done but the one person that did it the best was Nova.

By closing time, I was way past ready to go home. I was stressed and tired. Even right now, while writing this book, the pain is still memorable. I am so glad that I will never have to relive that night again. We kept making jokes about the amount of liquid that leaked out of the 18 year old.

“You paid $500 for that ass but you leaked out $495!” was a popular comment.

The laughing and joking was a fun cap to an otherwise miserable night. I was truly happy to close this chapter when I got home.

More days and nights passed, and the race to have the best body was still underway. The competition wouldn’t die because everyone fed it. Everyone wanted to be the best and since being the best could be bought and injected from a syringe, the game was fair for all those that chose to play. With Luxor being out of town more than she was in, a few girls ended up going to Freeway and letting her pump them. They came back healthy and looking good so that got the rest of us thinking that Luxor didn’t have the monopoly on good work after all. It also got us to thinking that maybe Freeway wasn’t as bad as her naysayers wanted us to believe.

Around that time, Nova went and got more work done and when a few of the girls asked her about it, she lied. I didn’t care because it was her business but other girls did. I felt that if she didn’t want to talk about the work she had done, then she didn’t have to, but on the same hand, she was lying about it which made me think she was ashamed. And if she was so ashamed, why did she keep going? Girls were playing detective about Nova because people want you to admit that you are just as mortal as they are.

Some want to ridicule you for falling victim to the same demons that they have. They want you to say out loud that you needed help to look like you do, but they are the ones that put you on the pedestal. Why should you have to divulge every piece of information about yourself? Maybe it was like this because instead of staying silent about it, she lied. I don’t know. Maybe she felt like if they knew that she was just as thirsty as they were for a better body, then she’d no longer be above them. I don’t know if that is true either.

What I did believe to be true, was WHY Nova had gone to get more work done. I believe it was because we all were and she was just as high on competition as everyone else. She had the biggest butt in the club and since she had been getting shots for a while, no one was even close to touching her. She looked great so she didn’t need it. Whenever we went somewhere or when she was on stage, she commanded attention.

Everyone, including us, that seen her every day, had to stop and watch. To me, it was clear that competition, and a little jealousy, drove her to get more work done, even though she held the title. She wasn’t immune to what was going on in the club and it was clear that she wanted to cement her spot as the baddest.

That’s why I always say, unless you are with a woman 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for her entire life, you have no idea what she’s done. Some of the most natural looking bodies are just as pumped as the ones that look fake, and those are the ones that’ll take it to their grave. No matter if it’s a big fake butt or a natural looking fake butt, they’re both fake butts. One doesn’t trump the other. Natural looking butt shots fly under the radar because no one can tell. People have this false sense of, “If they can’t see it then it must not be there”. Too many people believe the lies their eyes tell. I wish more people lived by the old adage, “Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

About a week later, the girls doing detective work on Nova got the lion’s share of information, when the girl she’d took with her to get pumped came in. The girl verified that indeed, they had got work done and even a little while before that, Nova had gotten even more done. She said that Freeway was way cooler than Luxor and gave more work too. She said that Freeway didn’t use those small Dixie cups and even though its $1000, you get your money’s worth. Her exact words were, “she gives you like a big gulp cup full”. I stored everything she said in my memory. At this point, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be getting any more work done but I decided that if I was, I needed to get acquainted with this Freeway. [source]

Shot Girls is available now on Amazon. All the reviews are saying it’s a quick read, so I may give it a shot. Just… wow.

I’m just… when y’all talk about wanting “booty,” is this what y’all are talking about? Furthermore, is this what large amounts of women are willing to go through to get it? I mean… dixie cups? Super glue? Saran wrap? Soybean oil?! Guys just offering to pay for your booty shots?

This was painful to read. And this:

“I was happy with the results and couldn’t wait to go to work so all the girls could see how good it turned out. When I got there they gave me good compliments and I was happy about the little attention I received. It felt good to get compliments that I never thought I would. But did I make more money at work? Did guys even notice that I had got it done? Did ANYONE that I hadn’t previously told, notice that I’d gotten it done? No. I was still a popular nobody.

I didn’t see anything wrong with that though. I didn’t see these shots as a way out of that. I had never been a guy magnet and didn’t think injections would make me one. I was perfectly happy being the Vanity that made everyone laugh and was cool with sitting in the back seat. I was motivated by having a better body, not by what others thought of me. Coming from what I had, I was just happy to be there. But yeah, I decided to get more.

…was especially painful. I mean… wow. I know that she’s a stripper/video girl and their world is considerably different, but I’m also operating on the assumption that it’s not only strippers out here getting dixie cups of soybean oil injected into their backsides.

Somebody, anybody… help me make sense of this, please?

(and h/t to Crunk & Disorderly for putting this on my radar. Yikes.)

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Bernadette Sheridan July 19, 2012 - 8:10 AM

the things that we will do.. amaze me.. dying to be well.. when that crap leaves the gluteus and gets into a small blood vessel and she dies from an oil embolus, we will all wonder why..

Nefertiti July 19, 2012 - 8:26 AM

I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I know to her, she probably thinks she looks great but to me this is just sad and disgusting. She is so out of proportion she looks disfigured. I’m black and I’m not at all into the big booty look. I personally can’t see what guys find so appealing about it.

Aleshia July 19, 2012 - 8:47 AM

I’m stunned and baffled. I just don’t get it. WHY?!?!?!? It should never be THAT serious. Ever. I can’t imagine injecting an unknown, foreign substance in my body that has to be sealed with SUPERGLUE. I’d much rather do a million squats every day for the rest of my life to “improve” my butt, than to pay to get unknown injections for a bigger butt.

Eva July 19, 2012 - 8:58 AM

I can’t believe someone would get shots to get the behind that I have naturally. Someone once to me that it takes me 5 minutes to leave a room, one for me and four for my behind. Hahaha, at least I won’t be getting any nonsense injected into me.

The piece is just sad. I feel sorry for these women, I really do.

Dani July 19, 2012 - 9:13 AM

Honestly, I’ve considered getting my butt done, but not like this. I’ve seriously looked into a Brazilian butt lift, which is more natural. They liposuction fat from other areas of your body and inject it into your butt. I wanted to get my stomach, inner thighs and arms lipo’d, and that would be enough fat to make me have a nicer butt.

I have an OK shape, but I feel like I could be better. I think of myself as a strong woman, but it’s hard not to be impressionable when ass is always the topic of conversation. I have what is considered “thick” thighs and hips, but I feel like my butt is disappointing, I guess is the word. Honestly, if I had the time, I’d do it. But the time investment is worse than the money investment. You literally can’t sit for about 2 weeks, since it’s YOUR fat, it can be “absorbed” back into your body, and even after you’re mostly healed, you have to sit “modified” for almost 6-8 weeks. I have a sit-down job and I just can’t afford that kind of issue.

ty247 July 19, 2012 - 3:10 PM

You know Dani, I was thinking in my head the whole time reading this, “If you are willing to give this person $1500 to inject a mystery substance into your behind, why not just get the plastic surgery?” I think we all have our insecurities and sometimes plastic surgery is the answer (for some). I know some would disagree and say to just work on that booty with some squats but for some that investment is worth it. But it BLOWS MY MIND that anyone would go this route and think it was a good idea. I really rather you tell me you went to a reputable doctor and got work done than to some hotel room & was injected with a substance that someone extracted from a dixie cup!! Is it really THAT serious?

ashley walton July 19, 2012 - 9:32 AM

woww. this truly made me cringe up, especially the part about using the nail glue to seal her holes. me and my friends have jokingly thought about butt shots, but reading how the bootleg version is done, i’d rather do 500 squats a day lol. i might buy this book, it seems pretty interesting.

Keiji July 19, 2012 - 9:49 AM

Fascinating. Some days I think the only thing keeping me from getting plastic surgery or injections is the fact that I’m cheap as hell. But I cannot say that I have never felt the need to be competitive or jealous of other women. Maybe being cheap is my way of making myself “accepting the things I cannot change [my genetics]”.

Keiji July 19, 2012 - 10:00 AM

I do know the importance of exercise and weight training to get that change though 🙂

Eva July 19, 2012 - 9:58 AM

I wonder if those injections really work and if they do, do you have to keep getting them. It sounds very dangerous to me, I mean she went without even knowing what was being injected into her.

I wonder if there is any evidence of women actually dying or becoming ill from these injections. I mean they’re getting them done in a hotel room, it’s a medical procedure and they’re getting it done in a hotel, I’m sorry, something like that should only be done in a hospital. Are the needles even sterile? Does the person giving the shots even wash their hands?

It’s a shame that in the quest for a “better body” no one seemed to even care about those basic questions.

Lorrie July 22, 2012 - 3:10 PM

Yes I have seen reports of women who have died or have been rushed to hospital as a matter of fact i don’t knoiw if it was luxor but the person who was arrested was a mborn a man but looked like a female(almost)

Karen July 19, 2012 - 10:14 AM

It’s amazing what having low self esteem can make a person do. These had to be women who never had anyone to sincerely tell the they were beautiful or loved to endure bootleg surgery in a hotel room! The media has done a number on our concept of beauty. SMH

Tiffany July 19, 2012 - 10:27 AM

“Self-love is an act of rebellion.”

I don’t remember where I first heard that quote, but this post makes me think of this. This article just makes me sad for women and men who feel the need to change our boies in some way because we feel were are not good enough–and this is damn near everyone. Butt injections are just an extension of other plastic surgeries and procedures that are so prevalent and I won’t be surprised in a few years we see “housewives” having them done on tv just like botox shots. We live in a society that constantly tells use we’re not good enough because we’re too fat, too skinny, too tall, not tall enough, not pretty enough, etc. and this is all so companies can sell us more and more stuff we don’t need. When one learns to truly love themselves, we feel less compelled to consume so much or change our appearance, thus making it an act of rebellion in a capitalist society. I won’t judge any woman or man who had done something like this, because I have wanted to change my body for there “better” more times than I care to remember. I just find it incredibly sad that we are made so feel so poorly about our natural bodies that we risk life and limb to get these alterations.

Erika Nicole Kendall July 19, 2012 - 1:31 PM

**drops $20 in the collection plate*

GO ON and say that word, girl. Damn.

Keydra July 19, 2012 - 11:27 AM

What I find most disturbing about this excerpt is that the author had no idea what was being injected into her body. She only found out that it could have been in soy bean oil after the fact. Could…? If my doctor or nurse is coming towards me with a needle the first thing I want to know is “what is that?” And they are trained medical professionals charged with my well being. How do you pay someone who you don’t know, who has no medical credentials, to inject some mysterious substance into your body? I just don’t get it.

Laurie July 19, 2012 - 12:11 PM

That was scarey to read. I kept expecting the writer to say one of her friends died from complications. And the idea of the pregnant lady getting it done… yikes.

chamika July 19, 2012 - 12:32 PM

i felt very sad for all parties involved. people not knowing what they are getting done to their bodies and people williing to shoot them up with anything for a buck. the only thing to understand is that our world and time has placed such importance and value on looks and vanity that it is corroding the very fabric of who many people are and think they need to be. for some it is hard to think they look ok or good in a world where many do a lot to look like an object. i cant speak for all but it seems that many want to be seen like an object and no longer as a full person, but the butt or the breast or the extra tiny waist line in proportion to that butt and breast.

KjenNu July 19, 2012 - 1:00 PM

Those pictures – are something else. This kind of feels like some kind of arms race – everyone just working to see who can be the bigger because biggest is obviously best. And once the glue/fat/soybean oil (wtf?) merges into your backside, are you left with any feeling? Does your own butt feel good to you? It seems really sad that you go through so much attention to get looked at but you can’t actually enjoy it physically anymore.

Greg Kuhn July 19, 2012 - 4:18 PM

From a man’s perspective, that would scare me because why would a woman think she needs to do that to her body to make it attractive to her or anyone else? A little too much – unless it was natural and then I would say, “Well, use what God gave you”!

BAnjeeB July 19, 2012 - 4:41 PM

A lot of things went through my mind while reading this, but what I really want to know is, what happens next? What happens when working at the club or in videos is no longer an option because a new, younger, or more “pumped” woman comes along? Also, If they didn’t ask what was in the syringe before it was injected, they certainly didn’t ask about any long term effects on the body. What happens in their later years when the body shape that they just had to have starts taking a toll on joints, ligaments, bones, heart, kidneys, etc… This really just made me sad all around.

Jackie November 18, 2012 - 8:47 PM

Preach! The short term thinking of some people baffles the heck out of me.

Gina July 19, 2012 - 7:09 PM

The story is shocking, sad and shameful, but here’s the irony: I say this as I book an appointment to get my teeth perfected, a smile which to everyone else IS already great, but for some reason I seem to notice all the flaws.

So I’m preparing to pay full price for a few cosmetic procedures (because they are cosmetic, insurance doesn’t cover them) knowing that when I’m done I might still not feel really content because it’s likely that I’m chasing a look impossible for 99.98% of the population to obtain without veneers.

Truth be told I don’t know what the dentist puts in my mouth either. As a 70s baby we had mercury fillings before anyone disclosed they were harmful. So how about that?

The only difference really is that cosmetic dentistry is so widely accepted that no one bats an eye at somebody spending thousands of dollars to get a more visually appealing smile. There was a time when tooth whitening was black market, you know, long before you could buy white-strips at the grocery store.

So I guess different folks have their ways of being obsessed with perfection. Some of those ways are (thankfully) regulated and more socially acceptable.

Aja July 21, 2012 - 12:23 PM

I agree that we all have our different ways of trying to look beautiful, but I do think there are different levels of that especially when it comes to truly compromising your safety. If we compare it at its very basic level, I haven’t done a lot of investigation into what ingredients are in my mascara or done a lot of questioning at the salon that does my facials into what they’re actually putting on my face. Both of those are at the end of the day unnecessary cosmetic services, but I still don’t think they’re comparable to getting a back-alley medical procedure. I personally don’t believe in getting foreign materials inserted into your body, or having major surgery purely for cosmetic purposes, but if that is someone’s aim, there are safer, more regulated ways to go about it. Wanting to improve your smile is one thing, wanting to improve your smile and doing so by getting veneers put in by somebody’s non-dentist cousin in their basement would be quite another.

Jo Ann Freeman June 5, 2016 - 10:24 PM

Absolutely the truth!!! Yesssss….your analogy was soooo right on!!! WHO, WHAT, WHERE, AND HOW the basic elementary questions and never mind failing to research or thought about LONG TERM effects on the BODY ORGAN’S is very FRIGHTENING. All in the name of VANITY, PEER PRESSURE, and $$$$$ SATAN uses to DECIEVE us.

jane July 19, 2012 - 7:17 PM

“I decided to take the advice from the Serenity Prayer and accept the things I couldn’t change.”

This sums up how all people should live their lives, but the irony is, “Vanity” couldn’t even do it. Second, I hope everyone understands this wasn’t soybean oil used. In fact, I live in Florida and numerous butt plumpers have been arrested because they are injecting motor oil and industrial chemicals into human bodies. That’s why it’s so cheap…that’s why it’s so shady. This surgery is available, butt it’s new and costly. Now my personal two-cents; love your body, at any size. I grew up skinny and flat chested, a complete late bloomer until I was in my 20’s, got into a relationship and blew up from 135lbs ( with 5% body fat) to 260 ( I’m only 5″7) realized that my health was more important to me than a relationship and now I a healthy and happy 145lbs. Nobody is perfect and outside of being healthy and active because I enjoy it, I can’t live my life, truly live it focusing on the flaws or imperfections. This article made me more scared and sad than anything I’ve read in a long time. As women, we need to start really rallying against this objectification we experience from media, men and one another, and show our worth and beauty in our activism, education, entrepreneurship, health and self- love. I understand not everyone has had the opportunity to have the life or upbringing I had ( and I thank God everyday that I had it) but I also work everyday on knowing I don’t get to take it for granted, I don’t get to be lazy, I have to make my life meaningful in how I approach it, and share with my community and young women to follow.

PS : sorry for the tangent, this one got me fired up though. 🙂

Abstract August 10, 2013 - 4:55 AM

“As women, we need to start really rallying against this objectification we experience from media, men and one another, and show our worth and beauty in our activism, education, entrepreneurship, health and self- love.” Very well said!! I receive this comment

Meg July 19, 2012 - 10:22 PM

I’m just wondering what happens when booty goes out of style because honestly its only been within the last 5-10 years or so that enormous booties became the hotness. They are going to be stuck with an extra 10lbs of booty and God knows what other health effects and still wouldn’t have gotten the love they so long for. I wouldn’t make permanent changes to my body based on a fad. We all want to look desirable but these booties go far beyond desirable to….Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!

Annette July 20, 2012 - 10:54 AM

This just saddens me the line that said “I am just a popular nobody” wow. Does that mean unless she is recognized by the masses she is a nobody?

Yet I get the feeling no amount of love others give her is enough. She is just not able to love herself or to truly receive love. She has lost herself, also unconsciously I think she is crying out for help. I just want to cry cause I see myself in her? Are we doing things for others approval and love or are we truly doing it for ourselves. How easy is it to overdo anything in trying to get others and our own approval. That I am not enough or doing enough has brought her to this and can for anyone who is struggling with issues of self acceptance.

Black feathered Phoenix July 22, 2012 - 12:26 AM

-_- I got the proportions she wants(well not that big). She can GLADLY have them. I’d rather be petite so I can dress like I want w/o people assuming I want attention. Or men..ahem boys ogling me in the street. Ugh don’t get me started.

Sophie July 22, 2012 - 10:20 AM

Wow! Ummm, not sure what to make of it. Why would she do that to herself? Her behind looks as if she’s wearing a bustle. And then there are the health ramifications. This is a complete distortion of body image, no different than getting breast implants which don’t match one’s body proportions.

R.K. Welch-Johnson July 22, 2012 - 11:22 AM

This excerpt really blew my mind and scared me. I would never have anything like that done to my body. I have had two c-sections and have thought about having a tummy tuck, but even THAT scares me by a reputable Dr. I could NOT be down with any of this!

Cristy July 23, 2012 - 12:12 AM

That all sounds so sketchy to me, but at the same time, I can kind of understand her reasons for getting butt injections–and not just once, but twice. We all do unbelievable things if we get desperate enough. I just hope that she doesn’t suffer anything worse than the pain and leakages she’s already dealt with.

Sita August 7, 2012 - 10:01 AM

Dangerous and scary – reads like porno, really. Seems like she gets a similar thrill from this as from drugs. And really, some of the issues are the same – do drug users really know what’s in the substances they are ingesting? That’s part of the argument why drugs should be legalized.

But as for the injections – really yuck. Odd thing – white culture is totally anti big butt. I saw a video of Nicki Minaj (Starships) and many of the comments deplored her big butt.

Bernadette August 8, 2013 - 10:30 AM

White culture deplores EVERYTHING that they don’t have, but then spend millions trying to get it for themselves (self-tanning, lip injections, boob jobs, perms, and yes Brazilian butt lifts). Only people who are unhappy with themselves and jealous expend that kind of energy denigrating others.

Kimberley September 13, 2012 - 6:09 PM

Is anyone else seeing this cry for help. These poor fatherless girls are willing to subject themselves to major damage just for love, acceptence, and attention.

Erika Nicole Kendall September 13, 2012 - 9:09 PM

Realistically speaking, let’s not blame this on being from a “fatherless home.”

Let’s set our standards higher. It’s not about just having a father in the home. It’s about having loving, supportive, empowering, encouraging guardians. Simply having a man in the house isn’t enough, and I really need people to stop perpetuating that.

Leah Whitley November 19, 2012 - 10:50 AM

You’re right, Erika. Effectively-absent, but present fathers seem to do more harm than good.

But it is better for children, and better for society, for the norm to be a good father & a good mother doing life together and raising kids, than what seems to be becoming the norm.

And as long as men and women provide a market for this to go on, it will never change. Until more people choose to live counter-cultural about a lot of things regarding sex, this type of stuff will continue to have a bigger and more unashamed presence in our society.

Erika Nicole Kendall November 19, 2012 - 11:31 AM

“But it is better for children, and better for society, for the norm to be a good father & a good mother doing life together and raising kids, than what seems to be becoming the norm.”

I’m struggling with this. If you think there’s no stripper, video vixen or anyone with a “less than savory” occupation from a two-person household, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you on a great deal.

It’s not about “the norm” needing to be “a good father and a good mother.” It’s really about the child being brought up in a community invested in cultivating the best in those children, instead of simply brushing them off as “someone else’s responsibility.” Two parents who can’t catch everything but are deeply rooted in a community with nosy neighbors who will let you know when your child is acting up behind your back because they, too, want you to look out for their family when they can’t is valuable. Having an environment that encourages the best in a child is important. Showing a child the best of what’s out there and then telling them to shoot for that, as a community, beyond parenting (because there IS a point in life where children want to hear insight beyond what they’re getting at home), makes a difference. There are no “buts” to that. Period. Children are a community concern. That’s why the best schools in the country have people saving their hard-earned pennies to buy property in those districts – because communities that breed successful children on a large scale have encouraging and enriching communities. As the current leader of a parent community, I can assure you. Successful parenting is not a two-person effort, regardless of who those two people may be. So… let’s just agree, here: “the more the support surrounding a child, the better.”

Leah Whitley November 19, 2012 - 3:19 PM

“If you think there’s no stripper, video vixen or anyone with a “less than savory” occupation from a two-person household, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you on a great deal.” -Often when the point is made that good married mother-father home situation is better for children than a a good-mother home or a good-father home, this sort of misrepresentation of the viewpoint arises.

That does nothing to negate the fact that given constants in every other variable, married 2-parent homes are better for children than single-parent homes.

Of course, there are people who come out of 2-parent homes that go on to do horrible things and people who come out of single-parent homes that go on to do absolutely EXTRAORDINARY things. Parental presence is not the whole story, but is a significant part of it!

I don’t have qualms with much of anything else you’ve said, but I will add this:
I agree that communities are important! Communities are strengthened by marriage. Home ownership, income brackets, education-attained by offspring… these factors increase with marriage. Compare the stats on violent crime committed and married vs. single parent vs. unmarried 2-parent homes. (No, being born out of wedlock does not mean you are going to go around committing mass-murder. – Please don’t take this parenthetical piece as an insult to anyone’s intelligence. I just don’t want someone to reply and quote what I said and site their success at not committing any violent crimes as proof that there is not causation. I’m particularly passionate about children & marriage in the black community.

I had a great discussion during 2nd presidential debate this year. I hosted a watch party and a couple of the single mothers there got very offended by Gov. Romney’s response to the question about gun violence in communities. He agreed with what President Obama said about educating the public, get mentorship opportunities alongside faith communities, and working with local law enforcement to help reduce this type of violence. The governor also added some things about the benefit of 2-parent homes. I didn’t find his remarks to be particularly crass or ill-advised, but 2 educated, politically savvy single moms whom I respect got really offended. I think the differences in how I perceived it and how they perceived it has a lot to do with my agreement with Gov. Romney on this issue as well as disproportionate response to defend their position/office of pretty-darn-awesome mothers.

My life experience does not tell the tale of the States, so with that qualification, I will say that from what I’ve seen, parents have a greater effect on their children, than the community in which those children grow up. That is not to discount the fact that mentorship outside of the home, provided by strong communities, programs within strong or weak communities, or just really positive individuals anywhere can’t effect children.

What you talk of reminds me of the good ol’ days when you couldn’t skip school without Ms. Clementine, Rev. Billy AND Aunt Carol noticing! (Of course, they didn’t seem so good when you were trying to get away with murder!)

The more support surrounding children, the better, is a pretty easy thing to agree to. I don’t think anyone would disagree with that.

Thank you for this discussion. And thank you even more for being active in your community and recruiting others along the way. It makes a difference. The future of our nation depends on the kids we’re shaping or neglecting to shape right now.

Leah Whitley November 19, 2012 - 3:31 PM

In the parenthetical piece, I did used ‘site’ instead of ‘cite’ and I didn’t even end it with the closing parenthesis.

*During **the** 2nd presidential debate.
He agreed with what President Obama said about educating the public, **getting** mentorship opportunities alongside faith communities,

Ericka, I promise I’m not trying to trash up your site with bad English. I neglected to proofread. I’m sorry if I made that more than difficult to read!

Erika Nicole Kendall November 19, 2012 - 5:23 PM

No worries, mama. 🙂

Erika Nicole Kendall November 19, 2012 - 5:20 PM

““If you think there’s no stripper, video vixen or anyone with a “less than savory” occupation from a two-person household, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you on a great deal.” -Often when the point is made that good married mother-father home situation is better for children than a a good-mother home or a good-father home, this sort of misrepresentation of the viewpoint arises.”

“Misrepresentation of the viewpoint?” No. I’m beyond your viewpoint. I’m not only agreeing with you, but I’m past you – children are an all-hands-on-deck type investment. I’m telling you “Yeah, that’s great, but it doesn’t stop at parents.”

“That does nothing to negate the fact that given constants in every other variable, married 2-parent homes are better for children than single-parent homes. ”

Of course they are. They still aren’t the end-all-be-all of raising what society would consider the “dream child,” and I need people to stop thinking “Okay, you’re married, the end.” It’s more than that, and I think you agree with that. But simplifying this down to “Well, she clearly ain’t have no daddy at home” is foolishness. Clearly, TONS of people in her life fell short. Not just her parents. For all we know, she could’ve ran away as a teen from two very loving parents, and this could’ve happened. For all we know, both parents could’ve died in a car crash. For all we know, she grew up a great teen, parted ways with her parents at college, got mixed up in a bad crowd, and never spoke to them again. For all we know, she could’ve had two amazing parents at home who would’ve never known they had to explain to their daughter that “it is probably not ideal to allow someone to make you think so little of yourself that you allow a stranger in a hotel room to inject foreign chemicals into your behind” because, hell, times change. Whose parents struggled with understanding social media just so they could keep their kids safe? I know mine did. Sometimes, parents can’t keep up, regardless of whether there is one, or there are ten. The reality is, we *don’t* know. And trying to simplify it to a lowest common denominator just so that our collective conscious can feel like there’s something to blame that isn’t “all of us,” just sounds like noise to me.

That’s all. I’m done.

Hug a child.

Okay, now I’m done.

Shelly September 13, 2012 - 11:51 PM

I feel sorry for them, they feel so bad about themselves that they are willing to let a non-medical person inject a foreign substances. They do not know the side effects or what it is or is not!!

tee September 14, 2012 - 6:06 AM

It really hurts my heart that we as women will go to great lengths to have what god didn’t give us.
And these gurl are crazy to believe it’s “soybean oil” injections from a Dixie cup.

Rule of thumb: any oil based product will seep through or saturate a paper cup!!!!!!!!


ITS A FOREIGN MATTER…Gel based matter burns when it’s injected think back to HEP B vaccinations when you were little. They burned and you had to massage your arm to get the medicine in your system and put s warm compress on?!
Sound familiar? Hmmmm!
All I can say Is God have mercy on them

Elizabeth September 14, 2012 - 9:14 AM

I read this and just felt really sad. All of these risks and possible death, for something that really doesn’t matter in the first place. Beauty and sex appeal is NOT in the body or the face. It really in in the beauty of the spirit, confidence, and realization of self. These poor women will never know that, and now that have made themselves sick. Or worse, in the case of the expecting mother who got this so-called “procedure” done, she no doubt harmed her unborn child. I feel sick and sad for these women.

chanela September 24, 2012 - 7:35 PM

i hate to be “insensitive” but i swear us women are so damn stupid sometimes! so many women are dying from these bullshitty unnecessary surgeries (i don’t care if it’s from a “board certified” doctor or back alley, it’s all the same to me) and for what? what are they dying for? what are they getting complications and infections for?

don’t get me wrong, i actually hate everything about myself, but i recognized that i have a body dysmorphia issue and i am seeking therapy. i find it completely ridiculous how women are running in droves to get fake breasts,change their nose,change their butts,change this and that and i lose respect for those women once i find out they got “work done” because they usually look stupid and it shows what their priorities are. i don’t care if i’m called “judgmental” it’s pure stupidity. why would you risk your life for something so insignificant?

what happened to learning to love yourself the way you are? i see so many (OTHER WOMEN) advising young women “if you don’t like it, change it!” or “you can die from plastic surgeries! at least go to a board certified doctor” why would you encourage women to cut themselves open and be stuffed with foreign objects? plastic surgery is just soo not cute cause it shows how desperate you are to chase after false images. BE STRONGER stop trying to give in to hollywood.

even parents are taking their teenage daughters to “fix” their nose and get breast implants. wtf? they haven’t even grown into a woman yet.they haven’t even had children yet, their breasts could go from A cup to a C simply from getting pregnant and whatnot.

guess what? men are insecure AS HELL about their penis sizes, we all know this. they have plastic surgery to make men’s penises longer and thicker too but guess what? do you see men flocking to surgery offices like women do? NO! ask the average man and he’ll say “hell naw! i wouldn’t want anything stuffed in my little man!” we need to learn how to come to terms with what we don’t like and realize that it’s what makes us unique and that being different makes us beautiful.

sorry for the rant. plastic surgery and women’s outstanding support for it just pisses me off.

oh and don’t even bother with the “it’s their choice” “it’s their body they can do what they want” obviously! stating the obvious does not = making a point. i know people can do what they want. i know it’s their body and their choice. it’s just an ignorant choice and i have my opinion about it, so THERE! lol

Sierra October 2, 2012 - 9:47 PM

I’m sitting here lmao. They were slipping in the floor because they were leaking oil. Or what they thought was . Like a car. Wow wow wow. And then she mentions having two kids but not being able to miss one day of work yet she could fork over what some people make in 2 weeks just to one up her stripper friends to have an ass that looks like she’s auditioning for a Depends commercial. I’m amazed.

Jasmyne November 18, 2012 - 4:23 PM

Okay here is my take on it! In this day and age, many men that have “hood status”, “corporate status”, or just globs of money are willing and ready to pay to be seen with the biggest BUTT! If you as a woman are driven by the attention and money of men and you were not naturally blessed with a BIG BUTT, this illegal aid is the answer to getting in the circle. Strippers and Video Vixens would not hold their titles if they didn’t have and keep the bodies to back it. Who doesn’t (to some extent) envy the big booty girl that gets all the “right” guys?????? We all talk about and judge them, but in the back of our minds for a second…we WISH it was that easy for us to get a “trick” to pay our bills. IJS!!!

Arianna November 19, 2012 - 11:34 AM

I was nauseated in multiple ways reading this article. I always looked at my tiny butt and wished it could be more filled out. I always wanted to do this through exercise and exercise alone, but after reading this article. I am infused with a newfound love of my shape. I couldn’t ever do something as painful and as humiliating as what she described. I love my self WAY TOO MUCH.

msdebbs November 20, 2012 - 5:33 AM

These chicks are nuts. What on God’s green earth would ever make anyone think this is okay? I doubt it was soybean oil he/she was pumping in them. If it was that easy why didn’t they save some money and do it themselves. Soybean oil and dixie cups aren’t that expensive. That stuff completely changed the structure of her butt…if it was really soybean oil her body would have just absorbed it. Now she’s walking around here looking like a freak of nature. How is this mess going to look when she’s 50 & 60?? I just don’t get it.

Kimmy November 24, 2012 - 1:23 PM

Men should just buy a blow up doll and go with that. Cuz I swear, after the fake boobs, colored eye contacts, fake nails, fake hair and fake booty, that’s what these chicks end up being. It’s hilariously sad how they try to justify why they do it.

Neeni November 27, 2012 - 12:50 AM

I regret having to say that this is the most boring excerpt I’ve read thus far. I am sorry that I wasted time reading it, but I am truly sorry that women dislike themselves so much that they would perform naked in front of strangers. If this isn’t sad enough, they inject their bodies with unknown substances in order to be the “most popular” in such a sick business. Yet, I would gladly buy every boring book any ex-stripper writes if it contributes to her healing.

msjjohnson March 16, 2013 - 11:58 AM

Actually i’m more than sure that the people she is referring to is Pebbles and this man


Heidi March 23, 2013 - 1:26 PM

I have butt issues to but this article has reminded me to love myself truly. My mom always said “your body is a temple” when reading this I just thought about how lost all of those women were…I feel really sorry for them. They were dealing with more issues than just a competaive environment. The only one who I can say delt with it with a little self respect was Nova. Even though she subjectef herself as well.

the bayarean June 19, 2013 - 3:08 PM

This is an utter disgrace. As you mentioned, even though these women are of a different, more salacious lifestyle, this is still such a preposterous idea. There is more than self esteem and body issues at play, this is a breakdown in cultural reference and pride. It is truly a sad story to read, and even sadder to know that so many celebrities (whom kids see as role models) are engaging in the same type of behavior. Sick!

Nubian August 10, 2013 - 11:01 AM

I don’t see anything wrong with plastic surgery, to each his own. But most of the people who get “fixed” have self-esteem problems that less to do with their looks and more to do with an effed up psyche. I wouldn’t mind going to a REPUTABLE plastic surgeon and getting my butt pumped or shaving some of my back fat, lol, because what exercise won’t do the man with the knife can and will. I can say this because with or without the weight loss or the shapely bottom, I’m happy to be me. If I never get down to my weight loss goal, never get that shapely bottom I sometimes wish I had, I will still be happy and still feel like I’m the sexiest chick this side of creation… That’s just how my self-esteem/ego rolls… I don’t know how to not love myself. LOL!!

Coralie October 30, 2013 - 12:15 PM

wow it’s really crazy what our world has come to. And i find it funny that when going to the source of that chapter you see that she is mentionning God’s grace for what she has. Like most women i have issues with my body and considered altering it to be “attractive”. Then i put it into perspective. in my head it went like this.
Let’s say i go for a butt lift, breast reduction or any other procedure and i die from complications. i imagined myself in front of the creator:

God: What are you doing here? wasn’t your time, i had bigger plans for you
Me: Well Father i wanted a better *insert futile problem area*
sounded like a really stupid reason to me i’m afraid
(-_-‘) hahaha

and to be honest these days the results are more freakish than good looking in my humble opinion. seriously if sport can’t improve it, well work what your mama gave you.
That’s my philosophy now 😛

cptacek November 7, 2013 - 11:11 AM

I had to have injections of progesterone in peanut oil in my “hip” (upper buttock area) twice a week every week during my entire pregnancy, or I could have lost him. My dr. only prescribed 2cc in one cheek each injection. And they HURT! Had to warm it up to body temperature, lay down, have my husband inject me, and put a heating pad on it, and I just had to go to sleep, cause I couldn’t move after that.

I can’t imagine getting 3 shots in one hole, over my entire butt, and then doing a stripper routine. All for vanity reasons. I mean, I’ll sacrifice anything, ANYTHING, for my child, but not for vanity.

LaToya November 7, 2013 - 11:37 AM

I think the bigger issue is that human beings have thrived on the insecurities of others, both men and women, and the quest for acceptance/power. This is no different from the foot binding treatments done in Asia (I forgot which country), the corsets worn by the Europeans and early American women, female genital mutilation performed in parts of the African continent, and even other less “harmful” treatments we do to ourselves on a daily basis to beautify ourselves. For men, money is power and the range of what they will do for it ranges from the ultimate success to the biggest criminal. For women for the most part, beauty is power and again ranges from working out for the wrong reasons to injecting God knows what into our bodies for the “perfect” shape. I can totally understand why these girls would do this and have to agree that it’s not as simple as needing two parent households. We as women are bombarded with commercials, ads, magazines, TV shows, movies, people, friends, family, ect as to what is beautiful. Why? Because of our need for acceptance/popularity/increased reproductive chances./love interests. For example, do women really know what is in their makeup? Pig fat and all sorts of other chemicals that are absorbed in small amounts on a daily basis if you wear makeup on a daily basis. And to my knowledge no real studies have been done to study their potential effects. Doesn’t mean it’s bad, but there’s no telling if it’s good. Anyway, I digress.

I think my point is that it takes a certain amount of fortitude to truly and completely love yourself for who you are, what you are, what you look like, and what you can potentially become. It’s no small feat and is something I struggle with myself, though I’ve made vast improvements since my childhood. For me, that took being careful not to look at or purchase magazine about one more tip to become more attractive, that took not watching TV shows that left me feeling insecure (including the ads inbetween), that took being selective of my friends and my environment, and that ultimately took checking myself in not judging other women for their choices. I’m a work in progress but I went to what some would consider extremes to get to where I am now. This story just shows what we all still have work to do to now only encourage each others growth, our families growth, and the growth of society but most of all our own growth. #dropsthemic

Tabbitha1968 November 7, 2013 - 2:20 PM

One word..Sad.

Cathy November 8, 2013 - 7:38 PM

whoooo….lotsa comments, but here’s my take: I lost about 25 pounds in 5 months just by giving up sugar and doing moderate amounts of cardio and weight training. (more cardio than weights.) But the biggest loss came from my abstaining from sugar and generally eating clean. The deal is…i lost my butt. My husband turned into a person that I didn’t even recognize in his criticism of the changes in my body. In my response, I went from accommodating to indignant, but all the while in the back of my mind, i knew i had lost the butt, and I wanted it back. So….after months of being off sugar…and REALLY HONESTLY losing my love for the stuff…i began to eat sugary snacks again. (This lasted for all of 2 days because I literally couldn’t look myself in the mirror. Was I REALLY doing this???) But, the deal is…the motivation is the same. I was willing to ingest something into my body that had questionable/terrible side effects just to have a bigger behind. I understand Vanity. I really do.

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