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Did You Order A Copy Of A BGG2WL Meal Plan?

by Erika Nicole Kendall

If you’ve placed an order for a BGG2WL meal plan, first – thank you! Your dollars have contributed to growing this site into something so large, even I am amazed by how we’re pulling this off.

Secondly, you should go back into your e-mail and download your file again. The BGG2WL readers have been kind enough to help me keep the meal plans as accurate as possible, and in doing so, I’ve finally gotten around to updating them. (I promise you – I’ve got good reason for taking so long.) Download your files a second time, and if you spot anything else that might need updating, let me know!

Now, if you’d like to place an order for a newly-updated meal plan of your own, click here to check them out. And, as always, if you’d like to donate to BGG2WL, you can view the donations page here.

Lastly, thank you a thousand times over. I think we’re all really doing big things, here, with lots more to come.

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