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Fit Gear Review: The @AsicsAmerica GEL-Pursue

by Erika Nicole Kendall

Recently, I got to check out the newest offering from ASICS, the Gel-Pursue.


The shoes apparently got a lot of love not only from the blogosphere, but also from Runner’s World, who dubbed it the Best Debut, as a new shoe with a lot to offer. Because I’m always looking for a few good shoes, I got the shoes and immediately snapped a few quick photos – I couldn’t even be bothered to snatch my laptop cord out of the shot! – so that I could get out on the road with these.


I may or may not have a thing for purple, so I may or may not have been a bit too eager to jump in.


Asics makes amazing things happen at a $100-ish price point. The shoe isn’t particularly flexible, but it’s super-cushioned for heel-strikers who need that extra shock absorption, and is great for those trying to avoid shoes with super-high arch support.


The traction on the shoes is awesome, and it kept me safe and steady on my run.

And, since I actually jogged to my gym and wore these to lift-in, they make for a great cross-trainer when they have to, as well – there’s enough traction to keep you grounded, but not so much that you get caught up and trip over yourself.


As with any new and exciting training shoe, I definitely recommend darting into a shoe store and trying these on, giving them a quick run around the store before you decide. They fit a little snug compared to the average shoe for me, so I’d recommend testing at least a half-size up before you give your final say. But, trust me – they’re worth the

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