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Wait – How Much Weight Did Missy Elliott Lose?!

by Erika Nicole Kendall

I might could possibly be possibly be maybe considered a huge Missy Elliott fan. Aside from the fact that the vast majority of my undergrad experience was soundtracked by her music (and Lil’ Jon, but that’s another story), she’s just a major pioneer in music who has done great things with great women and has always lifted others up whenever she could. It reflects in her interviews, it reflects in her tweets, and it reflects in her music.


So, when this picture did the cha-cha slide down my feed reader, I flipped out. Look at Missy!

Missy – yes, talking about her like we’re BFFs – slayed the stage at the Alexander Wang x H&M event here in NYC, and I have to admit…I don’t know what’s more exciting: seeing Missy on the stage again, or the hope that she might drop another album…

…let me stop.

Apparently, The Daily Mail reported that Missy had lost 70lbs, but she took to twitter, clearing the air:

YAAAASSS MISSY! DO IT! I’m cheering for you!

And I’m buying that hat, too!

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1 comment

Ashleigh B. October 21, 2014 - 2:34 PM

*fan girl scream* I’ve been rocking with Missy since her “hee hee hee haw” days!! And she is still all up and through my workout playlist. She goes hard.
Fun story: I actually saw her in person in Food Lion in Portsmouth (her hometown), VA. I used to live there too. She had just started to blow up so she could still get away with shopping at the grocery store like a regular person. Kinda–my mom blew up her spot. She was like “HEEEEEYYYYY MISSY!!!” like she knew her and I was so embarrassed!
Anyway, I’ma need Missy to shimmy up into a studio, close the door, and make some more hits. I’m glad to see her health has improved. She was diagnosed with Graves’ disease–autoimmune disorder that causes hyperthyroidism. I have it too but I think she actually went through a thyroid crisis so I’m just glad she’s still here with us and getting her T25 on!

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