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The Top 10 Cyber Monday Sales on Fitness Gear

by Erika Nicole Kendall

I’m actually pretty impressed by the fitness-centered sales I’m seeing around this year, but… I’m unwilling to actually leave my house and go out shopping in all that… foolishness out there.


Needless to say, I’ll stay in the comfort (and safety) of my own home while hunting around for the Cyber Monday sales. I just… I’d really hate to have to drop an elbow on your Grammaw because she reached for the last Michael Jackson Experience on the shelf.

So, really, in keeping an eye out for the best online sales this season, I’m looking out for you… and your Grammaw.

If you’re looking for great deals on winter workout wear, fitness tech tools, cross trainers or any kind of workout shoe, you’re bound to find something that’ll fit within your budget in this list!

1) FinishLine – Weekend Warriors! FinishLine is offering up to 60% off a select portion of their website. And, yes…there are even some Js sprinkled in that selection!

2) Famous Footwear – Famous Footwear’s Cyber Monday sale is offering up 20% Off + BOGO AND free shipping. (If you know nothing about me, know that I love free shipping.)

3) Nordstrom’s fitness apparel – Shop Nike shoes for women at NORDSTROM. Lightweight support meets studio style. Free shipping & returns.

4) Puma – Puma is damn-near giving away the gear. Up to 70% off on some items, only a meager 40% off on others. It’s hard to find a better deal than that.

5) Lane Bryant – A bright, beautiful, and fully flattering activewear line from Lane Bryant is now 50% off. Use the code THANKSLB, and don’t forget to thank your favorite fitness blogger, too. Ahem.

6) Albion – The luxe fitness brand is offering up their cute and comfy goods at anywhere from 30 to 50% off. Remember my signature hoodie? Mmhmm. Get one.

7) Dick’s Sporting Goods – On top of an already awesome Cyber Monday sale, their InSTEP Swivel Wheel jogging stroller – one that I used when my daughter was little – is on sale, as well. If you’re a new mom, save up those coins and cop this stroller. Not only are they great for use with your baby, but they have pretty good resell value, as well.

8) Sears Treadmills – Totally on sale for up to almost 50% off. Free pickup, as well. (Trust me – having this stuff delivered can be a royal pain.) Also? More jogging strollers. YES.

9) Target – When it comes to family fitness, if you’re a caregiver who wants to remain active even though the kids are in town, Target’s sale on family fitness gear is for you. Steep discounts on scooters, skates, helmets, joint pads and more will guarantee that your little folks can keep up with you… either that, or they’ll guarantee that you’re constantly chasing them!

10) Road Runner Sports – How does 20% off of products at one of the premier walking and running stores in the country sound? Good? I thought so.

What deals have you spotted? What sales are you hunting for and have yet to find? Let’s hear it!

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