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What Does YOUR College/Alma Mater Do to Help You Get and Stay Fit?

by Erika Nicole Kendall

I’ve been to enough college campuses to know that everyone’s budgets are quite different. Whereas University of North Texas – just one of the schools I’ve seen (and attended, for that matter) – had a massive multiplex of a recreation center, complete with an elevated track for walking/running and a ginormous weightlifting center; other schools had… a well-paved sidewalk for you to do your walking/running.


The rock climbing wall inside of University of Texas' Pohl Recreation Center

The rock climbing wall inside of University of Texas’ Pohl Recreation Center

It’s difficult – it takes tons of money to make that happen, and every school ain’t got it. But still, as we talk about often, it doesn’t take tons of money to encourage fitness. Some of us did it/do it for cheap… we’re talkin’ gallon jugs for weights cheap.

And, with lots of media covering Spelman’s decision to scrap their sports for wellness programs for the entire campus, I’m curious – what kinds of initiatives are your campuses and alma maters putting forth to teach and encourage fitness and healthy living?

Not only does this become your opportunity to brag, but it also becomes an opportunity to share with others who can then bring your ideas back to their campus and hopefully help them gain traction. Does your campus have an organization that throws events where you charge $2 or $3 for entry to a fitness class where grad students in sports exercise or exercise science can practice their teaching skills? Do you host sessions where the Masters of Public Health grad students discuss health issues in depth so that people understand how the way they live affects their health? Did your school spring for an outdoor gym or a fitness zone? Do you host health and fitness experts to come out and host Q&A sessions to help people learn healthy living tactics while they’re in school?

What kinds of organizations or programs are encouraging fitness while you’re on the yard?

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Dymon March 24, 2014 - 9:09 AM

I go to Emerson College for grad school and they have a decent sized fitness center but have great programs. Free fitness classes are offered year round and there’s a nutritionist/dietician on staff that you can see whenever if you have the student health insurance. They also have a Personal Exercise Program students can sign up for. Basically a student is paired with one of the four full time fitness staff (they all have masters)who after a fitness assessment, over the course of 3-4 meetings creates a personalized exercise routine for the student. Then they check in whenever the students jumps to a higher level of workout. It’s not exactly personal training but it is nice to have someone to guide you. I’ve just started the program and am really excited. It runs for 12 weeks.
Honestly I think that a lot of students don’t make full use of the opportunities their school fitness center have to offer. None of my friends knew about the program. I think you just got to do your research.

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