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Kirstie Alley: From A 14 To A Size 4?

by Erika Nicole Kendall

I’m covering this against my will. Y’all will see why in a minute:

Kirstie Alley, who has struggled with yo-yo weight gain and loss for years, is showing off a body10 sizes smaller after a lot of hard work. The 60-year-old actress strutted the runway during New York Fashion Week — 100 pounds slimmer! – at her designer friend Zang Toi’s show.

Inspired by her physically demanding “Dancing With the Stars” stint, Alley has gone from a size 14 to a size 4. Before her appearance on the show, Alley said she visualized one day fitting in a size 4, and now she does.

Today, Alley’s confidence is contagious, and she says she feels much more comfortable in her body. “I feel like I’m back in my element,” Alley told Entertainment Tonight. “I honestly didn’t even realize what I looked like.”

Her hard-won metamorphosis is not tempting her to take things further. No plastic surgery for the former “Cheers” star. “I haven’t had plastic surgery but here’s the reason: People do plastic surgery to make you look younger,” she said. “I don’t think it makes you look younger. I think it can make you look weirder.”

Once 228 pounds, Alley saw the scale go up and down a lot and got to the point when she stopped looking at it altogether. After a 15-month hiatus from weighing herself, she finally stepped on a scale. What she saw, she said, was shocking.

I started screaming,” she told People in 2009. “It said 228 lbs., which is my highest weight ever. I was so much more disgusting than I thought!”

At that point, Alley had already lost 75 pounds during her tenure as a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, then gained that weight (and more) back.

I have no comment… but I’m sure y’all do. Fire away.

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Brianna Leigh September 15, 2011 - 9:22 AM

1) That’s not a size 4. Let’s be real!
2) Let’s see if she keeps it off without dancing 6 hours a day. I hope she does, but…
3) She’s proof that you shouldn’t wait until your situation is better to lose weight. She has enough money and time for personal training, diets, etc, and she still struggles.
4) She’s 60. She wasted a good bit of her life battling her weight. This makes me really sad. But I guess better late than never, huh?

Sondra September 15, 2011 - 9:22 PM

Brianna, I agree that she sure doesn’t look like a size 4!! At 60, I don’t think I’d want to be down to a size 4. But, as hard as she’s worked, she deserves to stay there awhile! What I’m wondering is, with such a great amount of weight lost, what she did with the adipose tissue left hanging around? She looks great!!! And, I hope she’s learned & modified her behavior to stay slim & healthy! Rest assure though, the media is really biting on this one, waiting on the side lines to see what actually happens!! Now that, is, what’s so sad.

michele January 8, 2015 - 12:46 PM

Just saw her on The View. There is no way she is a size 4 or 6. There is no way she was only a size 14 when she was 238 pounds. She looks now like she is a size 12- 14.

Audrey September 15, 2011 - 9:37 AM

I’m confused. Why is this bothersome? If she lost the weight by working hard, then good for her.

upinthecosmos September 15, 2011 - 9:41 AM

If it works for her this time around then KUDOS to her for shedding the weight! I agree with the plastic surgery, it does often make people look weird…. especially when it’s in the face! I hope she’s found what works for her to keep it off this time!

Tina Hines September 15, 2011 - 9:52 AM

I love anyone who is working towards improving their health. I wish Kirstie on the best on her journey of maintaining that size 4 or any other size she wishes to be.

One question sitting in my head, “Although she did not get on the scale for 15 months, how could she not know weight had increased?” The change in one’s attire is a tell all. The only person who can see your scale is you; outsiders can physically see you and your attire. Over the course of 15 months she transitioned through a number of sizes and she (or her stylist) had to purchase clothes in a bigger size. But she did not know she had gained ‘that much weight’. Hmmm Kirstie, I don’t know girl.

People, we do not need a scale to tell us that we are not the same size we were before. Go into that closet and if the beautiful dress that you paid $$$$ for no longer fits the way it did in the store, it is time to stop making excuses and start making healthier choices for YOU!

Connie G September 15, 2011 - 12:43 PM

It is highly possible to not notice that you are gaining a lot of weight in a period of time. Some people have these hectic schedules like myself, working 2 jobs and eating junk you know. My clothes didn’t show a big difference because I wore the stretchy yoga pants for comfort. I put on so much weight wearing those pants and eating excessively and didn’t know it until it was too late. I have since changed my way of eating and cut the pants off as shorts so no probs now.

Dani P September 26, 2011 - 11:56 AM

@Tina, it is very easy to gain weight and not notice. I gained 75 pounds before I realized something was up. Since I have always preferred loose clothing, I had lots of room to grow before my clothes really told on me. I also gained the weight quickly since I stopped playing collegiate sports and didn’t pick up an alternate activity.

My friends fell into to two camps…those who didn’t notice and those who thought I knew. During that same time, I moved and didn’t have any full length mirrors in my home at that time.

You’ll have to trust me, Tina. If you stop paying attention to yourself, it is quite possible to gain significant weight before something opens your eyes to the situation.

Patti September 15, 2011 - 9:57 AM

ok maybe I do have a question Erika. I have been reading your info for a while now and I hav to say it’s sound info, and I admore that you are so transparent with your life and eating strategies. I am in the struggle but I haven’t found the answers to all my needs yet, but I’m on the track. My question is that it seems so many formerly plus size women in the media are shedding their weight to the point of being a size they never, ever were; some a size they could not imagine ever being, and yet they have shrunk themselves, is this real or will they balloon up at some point because they will stop starving themselves someday? I guess the fat girl in me thinks that I will never be smaller than an average size 14 and that with some very hard work on my part. I’ve read your triumphs and I realize that counting calories has changed how you were able to reign in the weight, but is it realistic of me to even think I can actually be some much smaller that even I’m surprised by the loss? Am I underachieving to try for something less than the perfection I really think is out of my reach? Or is it my defeatest attitude and my willingness to beleive I can never be… that’s holding me back from pushing the envelope?

Tina Hines September 15, 2011 - 11:40 AM

Patti, I definitely feel your pain. However, I review some of the words in your text, I wonder what is your idea of perfection?

I must tell you that you can achieve the results you are seeking and maintain them after you have lost the weight. Do you have to stop eating all the things you enjoy? Perhaps not but the key is eating them in moderation, adding healthy fresh options to your diet and some form of exercise to your weekly regime.

I tried several ways to lose weight and finally found something that worked for me. In February 2011 I was 175 pounds and today I am 148 (wearing a size 4 or 6). I wish I was able to post a pic so you could see. I have not been this size in 24 years and I feel healthier than I have felt in years. I have been maintaining that weightloss because I have learned what does and does not work for me (food wise). I don’t kill myself at the gym because it is not my thing; however, I do have other exercise alternatives that don’t feel like exercise to me.

Your goal is attainable and once it is reach, there are ways to keep it off!! Erika is living proof, I am living proof and a host of other who have been where you are are proof. You just have to have confidence. Be strong my sister/friend. You can do this for no one else but YOU!!

jenita September 18, 2011 - 9:34 AM

Oh, Patti, I so understand your thinking. I used to think “I’ll be happy with a size 12/14” because then I would be normal. I’ve been husky or pretty plus all my life so all I wanted was to be a normal size.
Now that I am a size 14 (used to be 24/26) I can see that I’d like to do a little better. I don’t have a size in mind, but rather a “look” I’m striving for. It is possile and attainable with consistency and hard work. Don’t get into all the crazy fads. Instead, work towards revamping your lifestyle. That way you don’t have to worry about balooning back up. Fit is a lifestyle, not a dress size (www.fitgirlposse.com)

KalleyC September 15, 2011 - 11:25 AM

She is the perfect example that when trying to battle weight, it is not just a done deal once when you shed the pounds. I’m glad that she did it the old fashion way. Too often we see people taking shortcuts when trying to reach their goals.

Just because you lose the weight doesn’t mean the struggle is over, the next battle that you have is keeping it off.

Cherished131 September 15, 2011 - 12:00 PM

She is somewhat inspirational. I watched her reality show which gave us a glimpse of her personality. She is different…actually kind of way out there….and if I remember correctly she did have a handsome trainer.

I don’t want to get to a size 4. I’m shooting for a healthier me which may be around a size 10.

p.s. She is so right about plastic surgery. It does make the person look wierder. I wish someone would make lip injections illegal.

Gloria September 15, 2011 - 1:13 PM

Honestly, if she lost the weight in a healthy way, then I am happy for her (especially since she lost most of the weight doing something as fun as dancing). The weight loss, the size four, and the lack of plastic surgery are all fine with me. What I am struggling with are her feelings about herself before the weight loss. It is really sad to me that she literally thought of herself as disgusting. It is even worse that she announced to the world that weighing 228 pounds was so disgusting to her, because other women may take that to heart. I can understand coming to the realization that that you are living an unhealthy life, but I cannot understand disliking yourself so much because of something like your weight.

Again, props to her for the weight loss, but I really hope that her new found confidence is due to more than just being a size four.

Erika Nicole Kendall September 15, 2011 - 1:16 PM


Janice September 15, 2011 - 2:17 PM

I don’t think she was saying that to offend anyone. She was talking about how she felt about herself. Is she not allowed to be disgusted at herself? We can all talk the good talk but there are some day I stand in the mirror naked and am disgusted at what I see. Am I not allowed to feel that way? Or not allowed to say it aloud to anyone just because others will feel bad? You can’t say anything anymore without SOMEONE getting offended. Maybe that was her rock bottom moment. And here we are so offended by her moment.

Erika Nicole Kendall September 15, 2011 - 2:43 PM

“You can’t say anything anymore without SOMEONE getting offended.”

This logic is so peculiar to me. “I have the right to say what I want.” Okay, sure, and not only do I have the right to respond accordingly, but I also reserve the right to feel some kinda way about it, too. You’ve got to carry that free speech argument (because that’s where this is leading, let’s face it) all the way through.

Some things simply are not for public consumption. I winced at the idea that she thought she was disgusting, but I felt even MORE for her because, as she is someone who has experienced very public battles with her weight, her words will come back to bite her. She looks great, but apparently her rigorous activity schedule is responsible for that – if she can’t carry that on, you think one of those checkout line rags won’t hesitate to put a photo of her newly-overweight frame on the cover with “Kirstie’s Disgusting Again!” across it?

I wince for women who face public battles with their weight… but I wince even harder at women who willingly engage in and continue to add fuel to that fire.

Rachel September 16, 2011 - 10:23 AM

I agree with most commenters that if Kirstie lost the weight in a healthy manner then kudos to her…she deserves all the props in the world. But the truth is whether she did is unclear from this article. There is no mention of her eating habits and dancing for several hours a day could allow most people (overweight or not) to shed some weight unless a horrendous diet counteracted it. I’m not convinced that her weight loss journey comes from a positive place..her self-image seems vulnerable, and as we all know if you don’t address that while overweight, it doesn’t go away. I’m concerned that there is no mention (other than perhaps implied) of a healthy lifestyle…after all she visualized herself being a size 4, rather visualizing herself running a mile, or being comfortable in her own skin, or setting a good example for her fans etc. To me that’s an indication that her motives might have been fickle… and successful as that might have been to get her to a size 4, it raises questions as to whether or not that can keep her there.

Erika Nicole Kendall September 16, 2011 - 12:30 PM

I love this comment.

Miriam August 18, 2014 - 1:52 PM

What is so magical about being a size 4? don’t think that a person is instantly beautiful and more desirable because they become a size 4. I have been between size 18-20 most of my adult life. This weight/size for my height is unhealthy. My ideal weight fo me as a 5’8″ woman would be a size 12-14. Maybe a size ten. If you are a petite size person, height 5’2″ or less i coul see that. Other than that whats the point?

Erika Nicole Kendall August 20, 2014 - 11:07 AM

I think we have to be careful here – you can’t define the point, whatever it may be, for anyone other than yourself. Another person’s choices for their body size aren’t for you to determine or decide, or JUDGE for that matter. It just isn’t your business.

eclectikchic September 15, 2011 - 1:42 PM

I am really happy for her. Go Kirstie.

Lorrie September 15, 2011 - 1:46 PM

The only issue I have with the article is this sentence, “I was so much more disgusting than I thought.” We as overweight women do not have to be disgusting to be out-of-shape. When we are out-of-shape, overweight and unhealthy thats what we are, but the word disgusting is altogether unnecessary. So a woman who is overweight for 10 years must be relegated to the category “disgusting” until she is slim? What if she never gets slim? Her highest weight was still close to the average size 12. She was a 14 many of us really super morbidly obese women would love to be a size 14 and could lead happy healthy lives that size and I do not accept that I would be disgusting at a size 14. Whathelleva. Nothing she says makes sense or is credible.

Grace September 15, 2011 - 2:37 PM

Yup – that was my issue too. To call yourself “disgusting” is never healthy, but when you’re calling yourself disgusting caus’ you’re a size 14, that’s worse in my opinion. I’m glad she worked it off, it’s encouraging for any of us who are eating and working towards healthier selves, but when we get there, do we always have to bash our old selves and in essence, other women who aren’t where we are yet?

Vee February 7, 2012 - 2:03 PM

I love your comment.

Anji March 12, 2013 - 3:47 PM

This comment is awesome!

Nikki September 15, 2011 - 1:48 PM

I really hope she keeps the weight off. The media can be cruel towards celebrities dealing with weight issues. I’m excited for Kirstie because she made the decision at age 60 to finally lose weight the correct way. After working out 6 hours daily for ” DWTS”, 45 minutes -1 hour a day is sure to be a breeze…I watched her dance at the Prince concert and wondered if she would have displayed the same confidence had she been over weight…I went from 115 to 167 in 5 years. I’m 4’11 so 115 is a good amount of weight on me. I moved to a small town, became less active, started eating EVERYTHING, and no longer exercised. I was a Manager for L.A Weight Loss, and still gained weight!lol Fast forward to this summer, I LOST 17 pounds in 14 days! No Gimmicks, I simply eliminated ALL processsed foods, ate 6 small meals daily(lean protein & Veggies), drank water in ounces half of my body weight, and exercised 1 hour 5 times a week(Walking,running, dancing,and online workouts for strength training)… I do not run away from sweet cravings. I just limit the amount of servings and how often I indulge…I wish all you ladies well on this journey!

Tracie G., The Brown Skin Lady September 15, 2011 - 2:04 PM

I’m sad she’s disgusted by being 228 lbs…especially since I thought she was pretty tall. If she was like, 5’1, I could see herself being turned off by weighing that much, but not if she’s of a height where it’s probably more muscle than fat. On another note though, Kirstie Alley is 60?! Whoa, first off, and second, I don’t want her to be 60 with 20-year-old body insecurities.

Nikki September 15, 2011 - 2:51 PM

Kristie is about 5-8 but I’m not sure that she is in a 4. Jennifer Hudson is about 5-9 (same as me) and she in a size 0. I think we are all happy for them but just be careful about getting caught up in the numbers, on the scale or the tags.

Judi December 7, 2013 - 4:52 PM

Read about “vanity sizing” to get a clue that what is marked a Size 4 now would have been a Size 10 or 12 in the ’70’s. Manufacturers sell more clothing when the silly women think they are in a smaller size. The tag should not matter. Healthiness should. (And, by the way, after losing 80 lbs this past year, I went from a size 18 to a size four. I can assure you that at the same weight now as in 1976, I wore a size 10 back then.)

Spiderlgs September 15, 2011 - 3:21 PM

I find it sad that she felt disgusting, but don’t think that people should take that as an indictment on themselves whether they are heavier or lighter or taller or shorter. Self esteem is something that we all strive for but is at times elusive. There are times when after a particularly ravenous week, I feel disgusting. Not disgusting as a person overall, but just disgusted with myself because I know what to do and haven’t done it and the results are showing. Everyone’s feelings are personal and if we decide to project them onto ourselves then that’s our problem, not Kirstie or anyone else’s.

Janice September 16, 2011 - 5:17 PM

Well said.

Gloria September 15, 2011 - 3:24 PM

I started to quit bad habits (like leaving fried stuff and eating more veggies) not too long ago, move a bit more and count calories: I was resignated to wear an (european) 50 pants size (and possibly over as time passed)

This summer i didn’t buy a size more. In fact I recovered the old 48 size pants I had in the cupboard :D… The prospect of making my lifestyle healthier *and* expending less in clothes as I keep recovering old pants if I keep loosing the extra volume, looks enticing enough to keep on, LOL

I must say that I don’t find myself less “disgusting” now nor did I find myself “disgusting” wearing pants a size bigger… And indeed, these are dangerous words to be used by a public person with wide media coverage.

Daphne September 15, 2011 - 4:29 PM

At the risk of sounding unsympathetic, I don’t understand self-loathing. And I’ve been overweight most of my life, and have experienced the social consequences of that. I just….I can’t relate to that mentality at all, and while it’s obviously a successful motivator for a lot of women, I can’t imagine the toll it takes on one’s psyche, one’s soul. I’m just thankful my perception of my value as a person was never inherently tied up in my body size. That doesn’t mean I don’t have insecurities, frustration, and self-doubt at times. But I can’t recall ever referring to myself as disgusting, even while I am displeased with what I see in the mirror.

If there was a gift I could give to such women, it would be the gift of self-love and acceptance. To me, there are few things that compare to peace of mind within yourself and about who you are. You can still want better for yourself and your body without the self-abuse (that’s what it is, IMO).

I don’t know – I realize I should probably be giving Kirstie props because she did it the “right” way. But at the moment, I feel more sadness (for her) than anything.

Star Waters September 15, 2011 - 7:39 PM

I am happy for Kristy. She has had to endure her weight loss woos in the public eye for years! It could not have been easy for her. Losing weight is ‘easy’ keeping it off is the hard part. Let’s hope that she has changed her lifestyle and learned good eating habits. It looks like she is promoting her new weight loss products now! It would be nice to see her ‘lead’ by example this time! We ALL can’t dance for 6 hours a day! I’m sending positive vibs out to Kristy!

KjenNu September 15, 2011 - 9:13 PM

kudos to k.a. for not endorsing the belief that people need to go under the knife to look presentable as time goes by.
however, all i could think was if you’re 59/60 and still can’t accept the sight of your own body with love and compassion, then you have not truly aged gracefully.

Jennifer September 15, 2011 - 9:15 PM

I have been on both sides of the fence. Two month after I had my son I weight in at 85Lbs. Now I am a small woman only 4′ 11″ but I said myself back then I looked disgusting. Now at almost 200 lbs I think I look that way again disgusting so it’s not about being heavy or thin. I love myself I do not have any issues with myself and who I am. I do have issues with knowing what I have done to my body is not healthy, I don’t look healthy and I don’t feel healthy. I am glad I looked at myself and decided I looked disgusting cause it has gotten me on the road I am now on to better health. I am eating healthy, exercising everyday and getting in the best shape of my life. Maybe some other woman out there Heavy or Thin might do the same thing after hearing Kirstie Alley’s words and start taking better care of themselves too.

Oh I don’t have any full length mirrors in my home so I had no idea I had gotten so big till I saw my big behind in a mirror in a dressing room a few months ago. Shocked me!

Patti September 16, 2011 - 10:23 AM

Thank you Tina for the pep talk, I appreciate your candor. I have been on the self love train for a while but there is a reality that sometimes we don’t love ourselves enough, and sometimes no on else does either. SO…while it’s good to be strong and resilient I can relate to feeling disgusted with myself for not being where I know I should be. I have been trained as a holistic health counselor, I have long ago learned to eat healthfully, I cook often whole grains, and healthy meals and all and yet, I can be found like a lot of us stuffing feelings with food, eating things that taste good and do nothing for my health, socializing with friends who eat any old way, enjoying a cocktail that is empty calories, drinking a dreaded soda or two, sneaking a candy bar the list goes on. It’s a cycle and a process, and the one thing I love about Erika and you ladies is that we all are here to learn to grow and to share. So we can try new things, own up to our own self destruction and move forward. I found it a revelation that despite being very food saavy, and working with a professional who told me I could eat whatever I wanted as long as it adhered to the metabolic schedule she had produced , that the fact of the matter was I was still taking in too many calories and burning off too few. So if Kirstie has fooled herself into eating way too little and working out like a demon good for her, because it fulfills something in her. For me I just want to be healthy and live long and prosper (well maybe be sexy and look good too ) of course with BGG2WL on my reader.

Yum Yucky September 16, 2011 - 10:53 AM

I love Kirstie, but she is NOT a size 4 right now. I’m comfortable in my size 6 (highest size was squeezing myself in a size 12, shoulda been in a 14). I don’t want to go any lower than a 6. I like where I’m at right now.

Nat September 16, 2011 - 2:10 PM

I like Kirstie Alley and I think she’s handled her yo yo battles with weight with humor and I love that. However, she is not a size. She looks like me and I am in solid size 6. I have a couple pair of size 4 jeans that I can pull on but I would be a fool to wear them or try to sit in them comfortably.

Same goes for JHud. Depending on what she wears and the angle she’s standing at, she looks heavier…. NOT a size 2 or a 0, more like a 4. I personally don’t care HOW much they weigh or what size they are, but please stop lying about it. It sort of reminds me when Star Jones lost all her weight and initially claimed that she didn’t have surgery. BS! I bust my butt at the gym, watch what I eat most of the time and burn 500+ calories per workout, last night it was 811 in 73 mins (monitored with a watch, not the machine), and workout 4-5 days a week. Even with intensity, weight loss takes time and patience. These celeb.rities LIE and cheat their way to weight loss (hey, good for them) and then the average woman is literally killing herself trying to emulate that. That pissed me off because weight loss and maintenance is NOt easy.

Stefanie September 16, 2011 - 5:31 PM

Reaching personal goals is always nice. I’m glad Kirstie was able to accomplish that. May she be blessed with constant confidence in her self and good health for the rest of her days.

Annette February 18, 2012 - 2:03 PM

First of all she doesn’t look like a size 4 but is it really all about the size or her health. Why put down Jenny Craig when the responsibility is on her for keeping up with a healthy routine.

Kristy comes up with excuses, I am glad or assume she is feeling much better and following a healthier routine. Maybe at this stage in her life it is motivated by her health. I hope she can keep it up but maybe address the underlying issue that caused her yoyo dieting.

When I made my eating about health and wellness, and not about size or weight lost, and kept track of my eating, the weight just came off. I feel better and continue to streamline my menu’s to help with boredom. Feeling safe at a smaller size is a challenge and that is at the root of my gaining weight. With me aware I remind myself to love and accept myself at whatever size I am I am worthy. I am enough, I am safe.

K April 6, 2012 - 10:10 AM

Ok, this is just my personal opinion. Kirstie is faily tall, and I do not believe that at her heaviest she was a size 14. Yes, I know a size 14 can look alot of different ways, but she looked quite a bit larger than that. I’m just saying. The thing is, why announce you wieght/size and say you were disgusting? I understand wanting to better yourself, but there is no need to be so down on yourself. Plus, it feels like she’s saying that other size 14 women who may or may not weigh in at 228 pounds are disgusting too. That, I just cannot agree with.

Also, I don’t think she looks like a size 4. My mum is a size for (and in her 60’s) and she is tiny…then again, maybe I’m just mean.

Glad she lost the weight, glad she’s happy…but even if you’re still heavy you have to find a measure of happiness even as you go begin the journey of change.

K April 6, 2012 - 10:11 AM

Oops, so sorry I didn’t re-read my post. Made a few typos and grammatical hiccups.

Jody October 3, 2012 - 10:41 AM

Congrats to her on this most recent weight loss. I wish her and all of us the best when trying to maintain a more HEALTHY lifestyle, but still …
There’s NO WAY she was only a size 14 @ 228 pounds. We all saw the pictures. Um, no. The only disgusting thing is the lie, which makes those of us under 228 and over size 14 feel sorry for her.

Noelle March 11, 2013 - 1:56 PM

Confusion runs rampant in my brain after reading this article and some of the comments. For me this article inspires more questions than it supplies answers.
I am happy that Kirstie has made positive changes and that her weight now seems to be in a more healthy range.
But, as others have asked, “Do we really know that she has adapted healthier habits?” Not from this article.

When she thought herself disgusting, what was disgusting? Was it the way she looked, or the number on the scale? Had she carried that same 228 lbs self around and not think it disgusting until the scale told her so?
Other things that make me go hmmm? (and scratch my head)

“I feel like I’m back in my element,” What “element”? Eating right & exercising, or simply being able to claim a certain size?
& “I honestly didn’t even realize what I looked like.” Again, was this before you saw 228 on the scale? And what exactly did you look like, to you? I’m sorry, but disgusting is not telling me what you “looked like”, that tells me what you “felt like”.

And the many comments on a size 4, or (insert size here), what does a size 4 look like? A size 4 from where? A size 4 what? Thinking that we can “size someone up” this way is not a positive way of thinking and I truly wish it didn’t exist. We all know there is no standard size. A size 4 from one boutique may be that same SIZE as a 10 from somewhere else…

Ladies, let’s stop putting so much emphasis on the size of the dress we put our bodies into and focus instead on the hearts, bodies, and souls that fill our dresses.

Not a 2, 4 or 6 Stop Lyin March 12, 2013 - 12:02 PM

Why do formerly overweight women love to claim they are “now” a size 2, 4 or 6? When the reality is that they were never that size even as a six year old!

Jennifer Hudson is probably an 8/10 AFTER GASTRIC BYPASS- her lack of tone and hanging skin are clear signs

Erika Nicole Kendall March 12, 2013 - 1:28 PM

Actually, a lack of tone or hanging skin are merely signs of someone who lost weight quickly; that doesn’t necessarily signify gastric bypass.

Nat March 13, 2013 - 11:25 AM

J-Hud is smaller than an 8/10. She is probably closer to a 2/4 at this point – she keeps getting smaller and smaller. She is smaller than me and I am still a solid 6. Either way, I also believe that she lost her weight probably by surgery – which is her business if she did. I just hate it when celebrities lie about stuff like that. The average person doesn’t have access to this stuff and many people will try to do what they said that they did with wildly different results.

Erika Nicole Kendall March 13, 2013 - 7:01 PM

The average person should be striving to figure out what works best for them regardless what ANYONE – celebrity or not – has done and experienced success from, really.

Nat March 13, 2013 - 8:47 PM

I agree 100%. But the reality is that celebrities get paid to endorse weight loss products because (a lot of) people want to look like them and mirror their success. So if they say that they lost weight via WW when really it was buy gastric bypass or whatever, it’s a sham. I don’t care how anyone loses their weight. It really is an individual journey. Just be truthful and own your journey. That’s what annoys me.

Erika Nicole Kendall March 13, 2013 - 10:07 PM

I don’t disagree with that at all.

I do, however, have to mention the utopian point of “spokespeople wouldn’t be paid millions – while the people who work for the companies are paid pennies – if people weren’t so easily impressionable.”

Brittany March 14, 2013 - 8:18 AM

It was the “disgusting” comment that really stood out to me, but I’m glad other people brought up the issue of her focusing so much on exercise. Everyone should focus on healthy eating, but it’s even more important because of her age – I know some amazing 60 year olds who could completely kick my butt in a race (or in a fight, lol), but it’s hard for a body to support such an intense workout regime as you get older. Obviously exercise is important because the muscle and balance can protect you, but dance can be pretty hard on the joints. If she gets an injury is she just going to gain the weight back?

What I really hope is that her newfound fitness inspires her to improve her eating habits, if that really is an issue for her.

Sandy January 7, 2014 - 8:38 PM

I have always been a fan of Kristy’s but I truly have been turned away due to all the weight comments. It seems like if their is no spotlight on her that is the route she takes. I am also sick of Hollywood having a unrealistic idea of women’s sizes. There is no way at 228 lbs you are wearing a 12 or 14 and there is no way that she now wears a 4 only in Hollywood . It gives women and especially young women unrealistic goals. I personally have always had weight issues going up and down. If Kristy weighted 128 lbs the transformation would be extreme but even at that she could not wear a 4. Only in Hollywood sizes.

Adela February 6, 2014 - 2:50 AM

Good for her. She deserves to be happy at any age. People with rude comments will just ruin it for her. Let her enjoy it.

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