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The Photoshop Diet’s Latest Participant: Mariah Carey

by Erika Nicole Kendall

So, Jezebel got their hands on the unworked edition of Mariah Carey’s photos for her shoot for Wonderland magazine, and merciful wonder, it’s amazing the minor things people will modify. mariah-1

It’s hard to look at these shots because I have so much love for Mariah, but dang.


Alas, the fact that I have so much love for Mariah is why I really wanted to show these shots. So many of us have idolized Mariah for years – for decades, in many instances – and the question must be asked: have we held her up to a standard that even she can’t meet? I mean, look at her – she’s a gorgeous woman who clearly has a happy life with two beautiful babies living comfortably with her husband. If you visit the Jezebel link, you’ll see shots of Mariah with her children and, while they weren’t photoshopped, she was. Does she ever get to a point where she doesn’t need to go through this?

All that glitters ain’t gold, y’all. Even in those moments when we look at a marketing poster or a centerfold in a music magazine and go “Oooh, pretty,” we still need to remind ourselves that, for one reason or another, we put our celebrities on the Photoshop Diet and the pretty pictures almost never represent real life.

What do you think? Do these photos come as a surprise to you?

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