…and her hubby talks to Men’s Health Magazine. Shirtless. Pardon me as I lift my glass to that.

I don’t even know which to talk about first. Phew.

From Us Magazine:

Six months after welcoming twins Moroccan and Monroe, Mariah Carey has lost 30 pounds — and shows off her toned legs and flat stomach in size-6 short-shorts on the stunning new cover of Us Weekly, out now.

“I gained an enormous amount of weight,” the Grammy-winner superstar tells Us of welcoming her son and daughter April 30 with hubby Nick Cannon.

How’d she slim down? Beginning in July, Carey buckled down with a nutritionist and a workout plan from Jenny (formerly Jenny Craig), keeping to a 1,500-calorie-a-day menu and thrice-weekly workouts.

“I feel incredible,” the “Fly Like a Bird” singer tells Us, three months after her body transformation began. She and Cannon, 31, famously struggled to conceive their twins (born via C-section at 35 weeks) after a heartbreaking miscarriage.

“It was a huge blessing to be able to have the babies,” Carey says, “But I felt trapped in my body because I couldn’t move.”

Adds the once-again svelte star: “I’m proud of how hard I worked to get my body back…I had to do this for me.”

She also made an appearance on Rosie O’Donnell’s new show to talk about the weight, her pregnancy and her health:

During their conversation, she told Rosie about her shocking body transformation saying,

“In the beginning, when I first had the babies, I had so much edema … water and swelling. Most pregnant woman have that just in their feet.  One day I was doing my thank-you notes and I noticed it started rising up the leg, so I had edema. … I didn’t think I would ever be the same person.”

So how did that affect her famous figure?

“The first week, I lost 40 lbs. … of just water.  It was just water, initially. When I started with the program, I lost at least 30 lbs. of weight that needed to be lost.”

And though she’s all smiles when talking about Moroccan and Monroe now, she reveals being pregnant was a rough experience.

“I had a really tough pregnancy.  I was supposed to be on bed rest, but it was so bad that even bed hurt.  I learned a lot being pregnant, watching my body change.”

And on the weight journey, she says,

“The whole point of this is not just like: ‘Oh, hey, look at me and my weight loss, I’m fantastic.’ It’s really health. Like I said, I learned it when I became helpless and felt so vulnerable like never before in my life.”

Now… a songbird… who loses weight… of course you know what happens next, right? Madame Paula spotted it:

From JennyCraig.com:

“Jenny Craig® is excited to announce Mariah Carey as its newest brand ambassador. Mariah, like Jenny, hopes that by living as an example, and by teaching healthy habits, we can start to make a change. We can educate, raise awareness, and create a movement for a healthier life.” PC Addendum: For a small fee of either your left arm, or right leg.

Numerous weight loss-focused companies reached out, following the birth of her twins Morrocan and Monroe, for spokesperson-ship. But it was only after a call with Jenny executives, that she felt a special “kinship.” I guess that’s what we’re calling the dynamic of whoever has the biggest check?

I love Mimi – how can you not love the woman who brought us “these chickens is ash, and I’m lotion?” – and I’m happy she’s finally found some peace. Now, if they get her wailing on a commercial, too…

On another note, can we take a moment to just…

Nah, let me stop. I’m including Nick in here because he said something beautiful that I think we all could stand to read, here:

MH: A lot of men say they lose some of their mojo after settling down and starting a family.

NC: Oh man, I think it’s the exact opposite. Obviously my wife has made me such a better person. She’s made me more attentive. She’s made me more detail-oriented. She’s made me more caring and loving. And from that, I’ve become sexier. I’ve noticed that I get a lot more attention now. After all, they always say that married men are more attractive than single men.

MH: But how does someone who feels that way—like they’ve lost the very essence of what makes them a man—regain his mojo while still honoring the commitments he has made?

NC: Change your outlook. What was important to you as a single man should no longer be important, and if you’re trying to hold on to your single-man values, then you’re definitely going to be down in the dumps and depressed. To me, it’s easy being a single dude. But to be able to be a leader and the head of a household, that’s a true accomplishment right there. You can’t worry about what the grass looks like on the other side of the fence, especially when you’ve been in that grass before, and you know what it has to offer.

MH: Mariah’s such a strong-willed woman with really high standards. What advice do you have for men who want to date someone like that?

NC: I think it takes a strong man to be in a relationship with a strong woman. A lot of people hear the word “diva” and think of it as a negative. I see it as a positive. I want somebody who knows what they want out of life and isn’t afraid to show it. Confidence is probably the sexiest thing to me, and my wife is definitely confident. But it can be intimidating if you’re not a strong individual—and I’m up for the task.

Love that. Love them!


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