You know how we do it, and you know what time it is. Let’s go!

These photos were swiped from my instagram account – are you following me at bgg2wl? – and are posted to my twitter account – are you following me @bgg2wl? – and perhaps should be posted on my facebook page – of course I’m gonna ask it… are you a fan? – but are now here, on the blog!

Kidney beans, chicken strips, grape tomatoes, red orange and green peppers, green onions and sesame seed vinaigrette over spinach.

Grape tomatoes, dried cranberries, blue cheese, chicken, walnuts and arugula.

Grape tomatoes, marinated red onions, chickpeas, shallots on mixed greens.

Tomatoes, star fruit, red peppers, and shrimp coated with cilantro pesto.

The “caribbean cobb salad:” mangoes, grape tomatoes, red onions, pepper jack cheese, blackened chicken on green leaf lettuce.

The Mediterranean Mama: cured olives, sun dried tomatoes, grape tomatoes (clearly, I love my grape tomatoes!), feta cheese on a bed of cucumbers.

Salmon, orange slices, red peppers, onions, cilantro – looooots of cilantro – and leafy greens.

Shrimp doused with coriander and lemongrass, coconut shavings, mango, red peppers, in a coconut milk dressing.

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