In keeping with my understanding of food availability, I can’t help but wonder if, inside the stores that we do go to for groceries, the fresh stuff is, actually… well, fresh. If we want everyone to know that “fresh produce” is ideal, don’t we also have to wonder about whether or not we all have access to it?

Christine from Steen’s Cookiesyes, yes, I know – sent in these photos and, well… my face instantly frowned up. If this was what I had available to me at my nearest store, could I say that I’d buy that?

Ladies and gentlemen, we do have mold.

Considering the fact that veggies are usually wrapped in saran wrap and styrofoam to prevent the buyer from being able to inspect it for wear and withering… exactly how long were these sitting there?

Side note: Viva la farmer’s market, seriously.

Are there places near your home that sell veggies that look like this? What’s going on out there?