I’m just gonna be frank about it.

The thought of eating marshmallow peeps… makes the hairs on the nape of my neck stand at attention.

They’re just as indestructable as twinkies, for starters. At PeepResearch.org, a collection of studies have been done to determine why peeps are so…. resilient. As much of the site is done in jest, I think it’s pretty interesting to note that the peeps – which are, supposedly, a combination of marshmallow (corn syrup, sugar, water, gelatin?) and sugar – didn’t dissolve in water, acetone (polish remover?!), sulfuric acid or sodium hydroxide.


And, while there are adorable little photo sets out there showing how peeps are made, it’s still gross. I mean, I used to eat a lot of things… but I drew the line at peeps. There’s nothing worse than biting into something and it having that squeaky cotton feeling in my mouth. Yuck.

That being said… it’s obvious that I don’t consider peeps fit for eating – for various reasons – but what about other purposes?

At one, you can learn how to engage in Peep Jousting. Take two Peeps, insert toothpicks and face them off inside the microwave. Place your bets, then turn the switch. The microwave makes the Peeps expand, toothpicks waving wildly as they do. The Peep that grows big enough to engulf the other is the winner.


What about, say… art?

Meet… The Peep Show…

…TSA’s Personal Peep Show…

…the Chilean Mine Rescue…

…The Wizard of Peep!

Hey, if you missed the inauguration…

I know you're likin' Aretha's hat, right? I mean, let's be honest, here...

And for those who like a challenge….

I mean, since we know they’re not going to rot or mold any time soon, grab your nearest youngster’s Easter basket, snatch out the peeps and make a nice piece of art with it for display!

Anything to keep ’em from eating it. Good grief.

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