Apparently, this really happened:

Avoiding processed foods can be difficult, especially when living on a tight budget. This noodle-eye-view of Top Ramen and Gatorade traveling into your stomach might make you go the extra mile. The video is just a preview of a project called M2A: The Fantastic Voyage by media artist Stefani Bardin. M2A refers to an ingestible capsule literally dubbed Mouth-to-Anus, which contains a camera and LED capable of recording the whole messy journey. The captured video is combined with data from a separate capsule that senses pH and pressure in the gastrointestinal tract.

One subject was fed a meal of Top Ramen, Gatorade, and Gummi Bears, while the other was fed hand-made noodles, pomegranate/cherry juice gummy bears, and hibiscus “Gatorade” (presumably home-made). The result is an intimate portrait of how our bodies break down processed vs whole foods.

So…I’m just sayin’. Actually… I’m hurlin’. This takes me back to a finals week in college where I survived on nothing but top ramen, microwaveable popcorn bags and cheap chocolate kisses. I came out of that week twitching and scratching. Good grief.

I will say this, though:  “Top ramen noodles are made to survive armageddon.” had me dying. I’m still laughing. Pardon me while I go stock my panic room with twinkies and top ramen. Shrimp flavor.