When I saw this segment, which @shoeology alerted me to, I had to honestly admit that I was shocked. Not because of the blatant size-ism… but because… let’s just say that I’m intimately familiar with one of the gyms in the beginning of the clip:

I’m beyond embarrassed that I associated with a place that would do this kind of stuff… and really, I’m just hoping that they only shot footage of the girl walking out of the place instead of it being a gym she actually visited. (I know… I’m Stretch Armstrong reaching, here.) I was even more amazed by the explanation of the “model discount,” where they admitted to having “partnerships” with “local agencies” which basically sounds like they offer cheap/free memberships to girls through “modeling agencies” so that their floors can be flooded with “cute.”

And, what’s more, listening to them talk about dangling ones insecurities in front of them to manipulate them into purchasing personal training sessions? I keep talking about developing my philosophies as a trainer, and foolishness like this is why. I’m serious. I’m seriously struggling with the idea of breaking someone down in that fashion just to get their money. Money is important, but damn – so is integrity.

So, now, I’m curious. What are your thoughts on the video? Do you have experiences that relate to this? Just how prevalent is this kind of size discrimination? At this point, I’m curious as to how wide-spread this is. It couldn’t possibly just be NYC… and it couldn’t just be my former fitness spot… something I am beyond embarrassed to admit.

Ugh…feel like I need a shower.