Over the last year or so, It’s been heavy on my heart to become more of a conscious shopper… an educated consumer, of sorts. What does that mean? It means trying to put an end to mindless shopping and spending, knowing what companies to whom you give your money, and making conscious decisions about what business practices you support with your shopping.

A big part of this is… you guessed it – fast food. I have a gripe with eating places where I can’t entirely confirm everything in my dish. I have a gripe with eating places where most of what they serve on the menu is shipped there pre-made, only ready to be dropped in a deep fryer or tossed in an oven somewhere (and that’s fast food or regular restaurant.) I’m sure there are some much healthier fast food joints out there, but that’s neither here nor there. I’ll get on my soapbox about fast food another day, but I did want to share this video that was the start of my research into what the hell we’re eating at fast food joints. I really dig this guy and the info he has to share, so I hope you like it too. : )