Still trying to get used to this YouTubing thing. Whew.


When I was training for the Army Ten Miler – which, now that I think about it, is around the corner, hmm… – I went to Paragon Sports and was fitted specifically for a new pair of running shoes. When I shared that with my friend, she was dumbfounded. “What do you need to get fitted for? What other kind of tennis shoe is there?”

At which point, I laughed. Just a little. For goodness sakes, a “running shoe” isn’t even a “tennis shoe!”

Enter: this video.

I especially love my current cross-trainers – the Saucony Virrata – because I need my shoes to be versatile. I’m generally unwilling to carry extra shoes in my gym bag, and chances are high that whatever shoes I’m wearing when I’m running around chasing behind these kids are going to be the same shoes I work out in. (This was especially difficult in the snowy winter… either I was slipping on icy subway stairs in cross-trainers, or weight lifting on Sorels. No good.)

Short of the arch situation – which, for me, is inevitable – I’m pretty happy with these.

To answer a couple of quick questions, I absolutely would not order shoes for training online unless its a shoe you have experience with. Not a brand that you have experience with – because brands do change their cut of shoe with every upgrade of a style – but the specific shoe. If I were deciding to stick with the Virrata, after knowing what size worked for me, I’d be willing to order online now. Otherwise, you should ALWAYS check your size.

What cross-trainers are you rocking?