My puppy, Sushi, as she guards my pole!

This video? This video is awesome.

I know that I wrote last year about my very first pole dancing class… and I’ve got to admit it’s a ton of fun and yes, I am still a poler.

(As a side note, I don’t know that I’m mature enough to write these posts. I keep wanting to call myself a pole lover, a pole girl… I’m just… I’m not mature enough. I’m sorry.)

That being said, it was nice to know that the folks at CBS Sunday Morning aren’t mature enough either, as they got in a few giggle-worthy lines during their coverage of the US Pole Dance Championship that took place a little while back. Check out the video here:

And, while I must admit that I cringed a little when the dance instructor said “Mothers bring their daughters in to help them feel sexier,” because when we talk about “Mother and daughter” in this country, our first inclination is to think of 35yo Mom and 13yo daughter… but it’s often the 47yo Mom and the 25yo daughter who come together. At least, I hope that’s what she meant.

Anyway… tell me that video isn’t awesome?

…and just try and tell me you weren’t impressed when Madame Butterfly walked in the air. Just try. Because you’d be a full-blooded lie.