In my long-standing quest to make sure I’m living up to the promise I made when I asked you guys to support me in becoming certified, I’m still looking for newer, fresher, more dialogue-oriented ways to ensure that I’m helping out as much as possible, but also to help ensure that I’m keeping my ear to the streets to understand exactly what it is you lovely folks need. You know, the nature of this blog is changing… a lot… and, though it’s been hard to accept that (mainly because I don’t entirely know what this means for BGG2WL, and I despise uncertainty), I’m still eager to give it a go.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 10.17.05 AM

A couple of weeks ago, this chat happened.

I, and – apparently – a lot of you – thought it was pretty dope. As you’ll see in the dialogue, I floated the idea of doing this regularly, and it was met with support… so I want to ask you lovely folks some questions:

1) Are you following me on twitter? (If not, I understand. My timeline is all over the place sometimes.) Hit me up at @bgg2wl, and let me know you’re out there!

2) If I chose to host an hour-long twitter chat, where you could field questions at me on a given topic, and I’d just share all the resources I’ve got, what time of day, and day of the week would you want it? (Please include your time zone when sharing suggestions; the blog has a huge international following and I want to consider as many people as possible in the picking.)

3) What types of topics would you like to see discussed? I’m also hoping to mine these conversations for potential topics for YouTube videos, as well – I’ve covered so much in the years of blogging here, that I’m lowkey lost on what topics I haven’t covered – so each and every question you’ve ever had, leave those in the comments, too!

4) I would intend to post all of the chats on the blog, perhaps on the weekends. That being said… what the hell should the hashtag be, to help us follow along?