Hey, girl.

How you doin’? How’s [insert loved one]? Good, that’s good to hear.

Listen, I wanted to talk to you because I know you’re pretty comfy in your own skin and really happy with where you are in life… I think that’s awesome. However, I cannot help but notice how often you are scarfing down the fast food, ice creams and various and sundry peanut butter cups… all day. Not all day, but all day.

I know, I know, but your metabolism… your figure… you’re blessed. Got it. I mean, I hear you. “As long as you don’t look the way you eat,” (obviously acknowledging that you eat like a hot high fructose corn syrupy mess) because looking fat would be a sin, right? I mean, that’d be too much to bear, right?

I’ve got to tell you, girl, that there’s far more to being “skinny” than just “thin” or “petite.” See, society has spoiled you into thinking that you don’t have to worry about “anything” as long as you don’t look like them… so no, your health isn’t an issue. And I get that. No one wants to be pointed out on the sidewalk and featured in one of those headless ambiguous shots that newscasters use in their reports – the anonymous fat person with their pants so ill-fitting they’ve got a wedgie – and no one wants to ever be known as “the fat one.”

But do you ever think about the fact that you could be known as “she was so cute too, so skinny! You would’ve never thought she’d have heart disease!” or even “dang shame what happened to that girl.” I’m not playin’ – I know what kind of blank pass your peers and loved ones might be giving you because you’re not “wearing your food” like the rest of society, but please believe your insides are taking a beating for it. 67% of Americans are overweight, almost 40% obese… trust me – you don’t want to listen to too many of us when it comes to whether or not you’re “ok” to eat what you’re eating.

For instance, did you know that you lose about .5% of your ability to burn calories properly every year after about age 20? Our metabolism is high in our teens because our bodies are growing; but since the older we get, the less we grow, our metabolism actually slows down. So with each passing year, the amount of food we can eat without it penalizing our figures… decreases. It gets harder to maintain that body with dwindling metabolism and bad habits.

Or how about, regardless of whether or not you’re petite, you can absolutely be fat? Just because you don’t have rolls or whatever doesn’t mean that you aren’t carrying fat. A little fat is normal of course, but if you are eating acidic foods… your body is intentionally building fat around your organs as a means of protecting them from the acid! (And no, that’s not acid like citric acid in fruits. That’s acid like in things like coffee, creams, some beans, corn..) And if you’re really eating like crap, guess what you’re most likely to be eating in abundance? Corn! High fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, corn meal, corn flour, corn, corn, corn. Sigh. Sucks, don’t it?

What about the fact that being petite in size does not protect you from the diseases and problems that society has come to expect from overweight people? Type II diabetes, heart disease, on and on and on…. it is risky. Very risky. Trust me, I know – food tastes good. Hellagood. But presuming that you’re not at risk until you start packing on the pounds is a dangerous game. Don’t do it to yourself.

Really, mama, I say this out of love. Don’t walk away thinkin’ “She’s just sayin’ that ’cause she wishes she could be skinny like me.” I’m not tryin’ to be skinny like you – I’m tryin’ to be skinny like me. More importantly, I’m tryin’ to be healthy and I’d like you to try right along with me. As a friend, of course. I’m not trying to knock you off of any pedestal, but I am trying to call to your attention the fact that your health is a gift, girl! Just because it’s not what you see in the mirror when you wake up every day doesn’t make it any less worthy of attention, effort or consideration. Go the extra mile to take care of yourself, and maintain your internal health for as long as you can! Your inner (and outer) body will definitely thank you for it!

With love,