1 09, 2015

What Do You Need to #MakeYourMove Towards Being a Newbie Cyclist?

By | September 1st, 2015|Fit Gear Reviews|1 Comment

All the things you need for your first ride on your new bike!

24 08, 2015

5 Tips for Having a #ScaleFreeBaby

By | August 24th, 2015|#ScaleFreeBaby, Friday 5|5 Comments

Tips for avoiding excessive weight gain during pregnancy, and how to enjoy your pregnancy without the added stress.

5 08, 2015

Q&A Wednesday: ‘Good’ Weight vs ‘Bad’ Weight

By | August 5th, 2015|Q&A Wednesday, Running|2 Comments

Q: Is there a way for me to figure out what is “good” weight gain vs “bad”?

31 07, 2015

How Should I Dress To Handle Working Out In Cold Weather?

By | July 31st, 2015|Exercise 101, Running|4 Comments

How do ​you​ layer for cold weather? What are ​your​ favorite cold weather pieces? In this post, I share mine!

24 07, 2015

Friday 5: 5 Common Questions About Working With Weights Answered

By | July 24th, 2015|Friday 5, Running, Strength Training|4 Comments

The five questions women ask me the most regarding strength training and weight lifting, and some insight to help make you a strength training dynamo.

17 07, 2015

Four Easy Swaps To Cut Calories

By | July 17th, 2015|Healthy Eating|31 Comments

For me, the hardest thing to do was giving up some of my favorite vices. I loved mayo. Looooved fruit punch. Loooooooved ice cream floats. I'm just not someone who likes the idea of giving up what I'd considered staples in my diet - yes, mayo was a staple... I even enjoyed a [...]

14 07, 2015

The Case Against Working Out in Waist Trainers — Or Wearing Them At All

By | July 14th, 2015|Debunking The Myths, Stop Doing This at the Gym, Strength Training|5 Comments

The wearing of a garment that presses directly on your nerves in the midst of strenuous activity leads to not only nerve damage, but muscle damage...

2 07, 2015

True or False: Fitness-Focused Foods Actually Make You Healthier

By | July 2nd, 2015|The "Study" Guide|2 Comments

True or False: Foods such as Clif Bars and Wheaties, whose packaging suggests that they promote fitness, can actually make you healthy.

30 06, 2015

Detoxification 101: What Is It, Why It’s Useless, and How to Do It Effectively

By | June 30th, 2015|Debunking The Myths|12 Comments

A pleasant primer about what detoxification is, what it does, why it's unnecessary, and what you need to know about your body to demystify detoxification.

26 06, 2015

Welcome to Your #ScaleFreeSummer, 2015! Download Your Training Plan Now!

By | June 26th, 2015|#ScaleFreeSummer, Running|35 Comments

Get your copy of #ScaleFreeSummer: Your 90 Day Training and Nutrition Guide for Becoming a Healthier You!

23 06, 2015

Training Undies: Should You Wear Any? Which Kind? Are Workout Undies Worth the Money?

By | June 23rd, 2015|Fashionably Fit, Fit Gear Reviews|11 Comments

Whether thongs or boyshorts or bikinis, cotton or lace or polyester-blend, I've got the tips to help you choose wisely for your body type and your workout wardrobe needs!

12 06, 2015

Q&A Wednesday: All About Cravings – Pregnancy, Hormonal, Emotional – and How to Fight Them

By | June 12th, 2015|#ScaleFreeBaby, Q&A Wednesday|0 Comments

Q: Did you have any unhealthy pregnancy cravings you had to deny yourself??

8 06, 2015

True or False: Spot Reduction is Real

By | June 8th, 2015|Debunking The Myths, Running|0 Comments

Someone claims their magic elixir can "spot reduce" body fat, and I explain the realities of 'spot reduction' and how you can shape + sculpt the smart way.

13 05, 2015

Q&A Wednesday: Protecting Your Knees During Training

By | May 13th, 2015|Q&A Wednesday, Running, Strength Training|15 Comments

Q: can you suggest any leg strengthening exercises that won’t hurt my knees? Any suggestions (other than lose weight) on how to save/strengthen my knees?

10 05, 2015

My Mother’s Day Wish

By | May 10th, 2015|The Op-Eds|2 Comments

Mother's Day is becoming more and more antagonistic. Why? How do we stop it?

29 04, 2015

Support for Baltimore, A Request for Empathy, and a Note on Censorship

By | April 29th, 2015|BGG2WL, The Op-Eds|7 Comments

The thing holding us back from progress is a refusal to express empathy for those who disagree with us. They are the reason why Baltimore is fighting back.

20 04, 2015

Cardio Panic: Understanding Your Breath During Exercise

By | April 20th, 2015|Exercise 101, Running|0 Comments

All about how cheetahs and gazelles can teach you why breathing properly when you train is a life-or-death matter.

1 04, 2015

Q&A Wednesday: Does Healthy Living Ever Become Fun?

By | April 1st, 2015|Q&A Wednesday, Running|5 Comments

Q: Erika, I have to admit, I am miserable! I hate this! Can I have my social life back? Or does this ever become fun?

27 03, 2015

3 Simple Tips to Help You #MakeYourMove to Post-Partum Fitness

By | March 27th, 2015|#ScaleFreeBaby, Exercise 101, Running, Strength Training|0 Comments

So, ever since I started talking about #babysprout, lots of people have hit me on the side asking if I have any idea what my post-delivery fitness plan is going to look like. I mean, first and foremost, the answer will be sleep! Even more...sleeping on my belly! I'm a stomach sleeper, and sleeping on [...]

23 03, 2015

Your Sleep Life is Ruining Your Sex Life

By | March 23rd, 2015|Hit the Snooze|0 Comments

All about the value of sleep and how limiting your sleep limits your ability to prosper in multiple ways.