Recipe Walkthrough: Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

By | March 11th, 2015|From Erika's Kitchen|

An extended walk-through of how to bake a chicken pot pie from scratch.

Erika’s Blue Cheese Walnut Potato Salad

By | January 27th, 2015|From Erika's Kitchen|

My very own blue cheese walnut potato salad!

Garlic and Olive Brisket

By | December 8th, 2014|Recipes|

Brisket with rosemary and garlic, slow cooked with tomatoes and olives.

Two Bean Soup

By | November 25th, 2014|Recipes|

A delicious soup with kale, black beans and cannellini beans!

Meet the Veggies: Brussels Sprouts 101

By | December 10th, 2013|From Erika's Kitchen|

Now, sure... that big raw cabbage taste is packed into that little tiny bite, but it's still just a cabbage. Nothing to be afraid of...

Grilled Rosemary Sweet Potatoes

By | November 25th, 2013|Recipes|

Sweet potatoes that can be grilled or broiled and topped with rosemary!

Balsamic Pork Chops

By | November 18th, 2013|Recipes|

Pork chops coated in rosemary and balsamic vinegar.

Roast Chicken with Balsamic Red Peppers

By | October 24th, 2013|Recipes|

Chicken breasts dressed with balsamic vinegar-dressed red peppers!

Tilapia with Tomato and Artichoke Sauce

By | October 1st, 2013|Recipes|

Tilapia simmered in a rosemary artichoke tomato sauce!

Herb-Roasted Vegetables Recipe

By | August 15th, 2013|Recipes|

Baked carrots, potatoes and onion tossed in rosemary, thyme and oregano!

Bistro Roasted Chicken

By | July 23rd, 2013|Recipes|

Delicious with or without eating the roasted garlic on the side...

Meet the Veggies: Parsnips 101

By | April 23rd, 2013|From Erika's Kitchen|

Parsnips, meet everybody. Everybody, say "Hi, parsnips." A brief introduction and guide on how to buy, store, season and cook your parsnips.

Green Veggie Saute

By | April 1st, 2013|Recipes|

A deliciously tangy way to prepare vegetables!

Roasted Rosemary Turkey Breast

By | February 12th, 2013|Recipes|

Dress up your turkey in a fashion reminiscent of Thanksgiving...

Ravioli with Bell Pepper Sauce

By | December 19th, 2012|Recipes|

If you can find quality pre-made ravioli, this recipe is for you!

Orange-Glazed Salmon Fillets with Rosemary

By | November 5th, 2012|Recipes|

Fresh rosemary and a little maple syrup infuse aromatic and faintly sweet flavor into this speedy seafood dish.

Rosemary & Garlic Seared Pork Chops

By | June 29th, 2012|Recipes|

Pork chops simmered in rosemary and garlic! Yum!