That’s right..I wanna see what you’ve got!

In conjunction with CSN Stores, a leading supplier of console tables, I am hosting my very first recipe competition! You’ve seen food blogs that offer up awesome photo-based instructions to guide you along the way… you’ve also seen my own recipes – straight from my own kitchen – that provide you photos to detail exactly how to execute the recipe, right? Now it’s time for you to send in your own!

Recipes will be voted upon based on an 80/20 scale, with 80% of the points coming from the readers, and 20% of the points coming from me! The readers of BGG2WL will vote on your recipe, and give it anywhere from 5 stars to NO stars (yes, you may wind up getting no love, here!)

Here’s the rules:

  • Limit the sugar. If the recipe has what I deem to be excess sugar, I will intentionally give you 0 of my own points. Recipes can be sweet, but “sweet” shouldn’t be the only flavor offered in your recipe. I’m a cook. I know “too much darn sugar” when I see it.
  • It doesn’t have to be vegetarian or vegan, and it can include any meat or combination of meat (or lack thereof) that you desire. I may not eat meat, but I can respect a quality meat recipe when I see it. Besides, I still have loved ones to cook for.. and they “don’t wanna eat granola all day.”
  • Include pictures of the “during” process.
  • Recipes will be voted on based upon the following criteria:
    • Clarity: Make sure the instructions are clear.
    • Photography: It must contain photography. The more, the better. The more attractive, the better.
    • Creativity: Extra points scored for creative use of inexpensive items. Remember – while the shrimps, salmons and grass-fed beefs are wonderful (if you like those sorts of things), not everyone can afford that. Consider smaller portions if you must be fancy.
    • Efficiency – how long does the recipe take?
  • Use your resources, but don’t steal a recipe from another website. Sure, this may be the honor system, but I’ll know if you’ve stolen a recipe without changing, modifying or crediting properly.
  • Feel free to tell a story leading into your recipe. The more you involve the voters, the higher they’re likely to score your recipe!
  • This is a healthy recipe contest, and I do have 20% of the points. Don’t send in any pork flavored broccoli, thinking you’re slick.
  • Anyone can enter, but only one person within the US will win the prize.

…and what will that one win?

This gorgeous 12-piece kitchen cookware set!

Submissions will be posted in the recipe category and labeled as “BGG2WL Contest Entries.” You can enter as many times as you like by sending in different recipes. Entries will be posted as they’re received.

No more entries will be accepted for this conpetition after November 14th. Voting begins November 15th, with the polls closing and the winner chosen on the 22nd!

Want some examples?

So, let’s see how my first contest turns out, eh? Let’s do this! Send all entries to, complete with pictures attached and numbered!

Since I’d like to host these kinds of contests regularly, I’m looking forward to fleshing out all the details so that I can have these more frequently! Any questions? Ask ’em in the comments, and I’ll do my best to clear anything up!