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You might wince at the title and the question, but I truly think that everyone has felt this way at one point in time or another, and that’s mostly because we think we’re doing a bit better than we actually are. Sometimes, it really takes a hard look at our planning and an even harder look at whether or not we’re truly sticking to our plans to help us determine what’s really going on. And, really, it gives you a sense of agency and an understanding that, yes, your choices do affect your progress. It’s empowering, and knowing all of that helps reinforce your ability to make necessary changes.

It really contributes to my belief that this whole “it’s just easier being fat” thinking is much more easily attributed to the fact that change is hard, not the fact that you’re not experiencing weight loss progress. Embracing change, and taking ownership for actually changing things, is tough. And, even with being tough, you have to dive in head first.

And it’s hard. And it sucks.

But that first time that you dive in, and you’re rewarded with progress? That’s all you need to know.

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