From VisualEconomics (click to enlarge):

Now, in comparison to a graph I shared here a while back, I have to wonder where all that cheese and all those “vegetables” are coming from. Are we counting the lettuce and tomato on a whopper? The tomato sauce and cheese on a pizza?

Artificial sweeteners… the average is 24lbs? Considering the number of us who don’t use that stuff, that means that those who do are using an awful lot of it.

Soda? People still drink that? Or the diet version?

Salt, too? Well, we all know where all that salt is coming from.

I’m also tickled by the amount of corn – 58lbs – and the amount of corn syrup (high fructose or otherwise) – an additional 42lbs. I mean, as a Midwesterner, we might eat a lot of corn-on-the-cob, but it certainly isn’t that much. If they’ve separated the corn syrups from the corn intake, kinda makes you wonder where the rest of that corn is hiding, hmm?

What stood out  to you?