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blockquoteNever leave a waitress scorned.

Beware of the dangers associated with having a common name in the Internet age.

Those two lessons were learned the hard way by all parties involved in “tippergate,” the Seattle tipping scandal that sparked a social media-fueled manhunt, and an apology.

It all began Friday night when a male customer at the city’s Bimbo’s Cantina restaurant left waitress Victoria Liss no tip, just this insult directly below the tip line on his credit-card receipt:

“P.S. You could stand to loose (sic) a few pounds.”

Angry and armed with the receipt as evidence, Liss began a virtual manhunt, posting a picture of the receipt, with the man’s name, Andrew Meyer, clearly visible, on her Facebook page.

With that, the search was underway for the man Liss called “yuppie scum.” Comments poured in and soon the photo and Facebook page of one “Andrew Meyer” were tracked down and posted and reposted through social media and on news sites.

Seattle area bars even posted photos of the man, like the “Wanted” posters of old.

One small problem. The angry mob marshaled by Liss had nabbed their wrong Andrew Meyer.

The Andrew Meyer in the photos, and now at the end of countless angry emails and posts, was, in fact, an Andrew Meyer living innocently in Texas, not Seattle.

By Tuesday, Liss’s angry posts seeking revenge were replaced with remorseful words seeking forgiveness.

“So sorry to the wrong guy, everyone please just drop it?” she wrote Tuesday.

“Honestly I have been hiding in bed with the covers over my head for 2 days so upset for the Wrong Andrew Meyers getting hate mail. I still feel so sick over it,” Liss followed up with on Wednesday.

“Beyond sorry, believe you me, just tried to make a point about the (expletive) way food service staff are treated. Threw the wrong guy under the bus,” she added.

While the real Andrew Meyer of “tippergate” fame has yet to be identified, or come forward, another Andrew Meyer, from California, stepped in to save the day for all the Andrew Meyers of the world.

This Andrew Meyer sent Liss a 100 percent tip for the Seattle Andrew Meyer’s Bimbo’s Cantina bill, which was $28.98.

“My ‘name’ can’t be shamed anymore,” he wrote Liss./blockquote

Personally, I intend to file this under rude and disgraceful. I spent a good chunk of my college years waiting tables in both franchise and fine dining establishments and even though Ive had horrible experiences – shoutout to the confederate-flag wearing racists who were unbelievably rude to me during their stay and left me a nickel and a penny CASH on a credit card-paid $90 bill – Ive never had anything as crazy as this.

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Was she a bit cruel for releasing all this to the public? Perhaps a bit unprofessional? Or was it justified because he was a TOTAL jerk? The Today Show coverage tells more of the story:

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I mean, social media is making it hard out here for jerks to be jerks… I have to wonder: is that such a bad thing? What do you think?