You know, I’m usually pretty ugly about fast food restaurants. Limiting my allowance of fast food in my life was a gigantic part of my ability to combat my weight.. mainly because fast food companies are thoroughly uninterested in your health.

Without going into my full on rant about these companies, I’ll put it like this: Their job is to sell you what they think will help them fatten their wallets. It doesn’t matter whether it fattens your tushy. No one is looking out for your health and well-being because that is our responsibility as the individual and owner of our bodies. As long as you continue to purchase what they put out there, they’re going to keep pumping it out for you to buy.

Having said that, allow me to introduce… the Double Down. Yes. This sandwich, as the newscaster says, includes two fried chicken fillets, bacon, cheese, and Colonel’s Secret Sauce. Those two fried chicken fillets? Serve as the bun. Yes. You won’t find bread on this sandwich. That’s what the chicken is for… duh.