Again, coming straight from the BGG2WL FB page:

Be glad you’re not in the UK right now, because we know you’d be beating down the doors of your local Burger King just to get your hands on the limited-time-only “Sprout Surprise Whopper,” featuring that most beloved of burger add-ons, Brussels sprouts.

Brussels sprouts are apparently associated with the holidays in the UK (maybe they are here too, though I’ve never come across it), so the King has created a Whopper topped with sprouts and emmental cheese.

Said someone in charge of culinary development at BK UK with a completely straight face:

We believe that taste is king, and as such, we wanted to create a recipe that would challenge existing sprout perceptions, and genuinely make sprouts a flavour to be reckoned with.

Judging by this statement on the BK UK Facebook page, it appears that even in Ol’ Blighty the response to the Sprout Whopper wasn’t exactly oohs and ahhhs: “[S]orry to hear some of you weren’t too keen on the idea of the Sprout Surprise Whopper yesterday, but we’re confident that The King can make even Brussels Sprouts taste good!” [source]

Even though this is in the UK – it would be clearly labeled a result of “food policing” in the US – I still have questions.

The article was dropped on the FB page with the question of “while i’m sure it’s unhealthy and all that, could it be considered a “cleaner” alternative?

I know my answer… but what’s yours?

And furthermore… what does it take for you to consider a fast food restaurant “clean” or is “cleaner” acceptable?