Like I said… I love my MiBra, and was excited when Carolina, maker of the MiBra, opted to sponsor a giveaway on this site. Not only do I support small businesses (because, well, I run one), but her product is super eco-friendly and functional. That gets any support that I can offer. 🙂

I chose this photo because it makes me look like I have more boobage than I really have... because I really have none. None at all. LOL

Having said that, let’s get down to the winner!

Congratulations to Tam! Look for my e-mail requesting your address to hand over to Carolina, so that we can get you your MiBra! After 12PM Saturday, I’ll be releasing the bra back into the wild and picking a new winner!

For those of you who may be a tad bit disappointed, have no fear! Carolina handed over a discount code for $5 off your very own MiBra! When you visit her site to make the purchase, use the code ANDREINA to get your $5 off of your purchase.

Please believe I fully intend to buy another one… because I’m kinda ticked that I can’t sleep in mine.

The MiBra goes up to a 40D for the large – but I don’t want to leave out our ladies who are a little further down in the alphabet – what kinds of sports bras are you using? Where are you purchasing them from? Any tips for purchasing a good sports bra? Let’s hear it!

So let me know! Are you purchasing a MiBra? For you DDs and up, what are you wearing? If we’re going to protect our boobs, let’s make sure we’re all properly equipped!

(Today’s post is short – for me – but I’ve got to go prepare the Clean Eating Boot Camp! That’s right…get ready for it!!!!)