In last week’s post, I shared a couple of insane photos of myself…including this beauty:

Believe it or not, that ain't even all of my hair. Half of it is up in a clip. LOL

Much to my surprise, I got a couple of e-mails not caring too much about my hair (even though that ‘fro was kinda large)… but trying to find out the details on my sports bra. I’m not used to that… after going from a 42DD down to a 34B, I pretty much feel like no one’s looking down there anyway, regardless of what gear I’m wearing.

I saw the sports bra on a review on another site, and decided to give it a shot. I don’t really have too many bras that fit, and my sports bras are certainly too large now. Why not? That sports bra, called the MiBra, is easily my favorite thing to wear. It rocks.

First of all, the thing is soft.. almost second-skin soft. When I run, there’s no big bulky band anywhere on it scraping against my arm or my skin. I regularly forget that I have the thing on.

But for me… the thing that I love about the MiBra is the pocket in the front. If you’re an avid runner, you know how frustrating it can be holding stuff in your hands… and while I have an armband for my phone, I hate the way that thing scrapes against my arms, slides down, yadda, yadda… with my MiBra, I can just slide the phone inside the pocket and go on listening to my music. Don’t worry about wearing a shirt over your MiBra with your music in the pocket – I do it all the time, no problems. There’s also a cover that covers that top green part that you see there in that photo, I just didn’t use it for the sake of the photo.

Surprisingly, after reaching out to the maker of the MiBra on twitter to tell her how much I dug her product, she reached right back and decided to offer up one for a giveaway!

Want a free MiBra? You’ve got three ways to enter:

  1. Drop a comment here telling me about your workout routine, and how you think the MiBra might help you out! I want juicy details! If you’re running up and down stairs for a half an hour, listening to instructional yoga mp3s or lifting weights… share that! Get a little inspiration going, here. You might even give someone a new creative exercise to add to their routine! (Remember.. we help each other, here. :))
  2. Join the MiBra facebook fan page!
  3. Comment here – again – telling me that you voted for me in the Black Weblog Awards for Best Health or Wellness Blog category! That’s right – BGG2WL is a finalist thanks to you! Let’s do what we can to bring it home! 🙂

Contest ends Thursday so get voting, commenting and posting! Looking forward to seeing what y’all have going on in those comments!

Update: The largest size the MiBra can accommodate is a 40D at this time… but don’t worry. I fully intend to harass petition her to go up a size for you gals with the extra boobage. 🙂