After completely obliterating my earbuds on the treadmill – let’s just say, that when you see me tweeting about how “rolled off the treadmill in a fit of laughter,” you should generally assume I’m telling the truth – I needed to invest in a new pair. I wanted something that, like the ear buds, would feel like they were filling my head with sound. I also wanted something, unlike the earbuds, that would actually stay put during high impact activity. I can’t keep stopping in the middle of my frog hops to put my Lil’ Jon back in my ears. It just ain’t right.

Click the photo above to check out the neckband’s specifics!

Enter… the Philips ActionFit Sports Neckband.

I happened upon these headphones by accident. And, by accident, I mean Ed – my partner – opened up the link to these headphones on my laptop, and left it there to be the first thing I’d see when I opened it back up. Accident, though.

The thing I like the most about these headphones is how they fit around your head and ears, and stay put. I mean… put. They’re not going anywhere. No matter how high-impact your activity, you’re not losing your sound. And, speaking of sound, the sound quality on these is phenomenal. For such a little pair, there’s very little that’s going to be loud enough to interfere with your groove.

That being said… I’m sure we can all spot the problem with that.

These are not the headphones you use in any place you have to share with the rest of the public. I wouldn’t use them on the weight floor of your gym, because the black plunger-like rubber on the headphones works a little too well at keeping out sound, like the occasional moron who walks a little too close near you while you’re deadlifting. (I mean, you could, but I personally – as I mentioned earlier – am clumsy. I’ll totally hit you with the barbell on accident. I need to be able to hear you around me.) I most certainly wouldn’t recommend using them outside during a run, because I feel like that’s the time when you most certainly need to be able to hear the soft, little things like foot traffic around you.

These are the perfect headphones for treadmill, arc trainer, elliptical zone out syndrome. A space that you don’t share, you don’t really have to worry about injuring anyone, there are minimal concerns with not being able to hear around you. These are perfect for that. In fact, they’re the epitome of treadmill headphones. You can’t hear the guy next to you – yes, the guy who, out of all 8 treadmills in your row, decided to work out next to you – panting and out of breath. You can’t hear the girl who thinks she’s thuggin’ while rapping Lil’ Wayne…three whole treadmills down. Perfect.

You can check out these headphones at Amazon, now.

And, since I’m always in the market for some new headphones… which ones are y’all using?