I must say, this week has been brutal. If you’re anything like me, you felt overwhelmed – not only by the news but by the subsequent conversations all over social media.

I only mention this because there have been many conversations about a boycotting of Black Friday. And, while I am always down for a good boycott, I think there’s an even better alternative to that: spending our dollars with small businesses owned by our friends, family and loved ones.

For me, the ideal would be to spend just as many coins inside of our community as we spend outside of our community, because many of these boycotted brands still employ people who are creating small businesses on the side… in the hopes that they can someday step out into their entrepreneurship full time. Many of us – myself included – sell products and services that could use the love and support (and money!), so instead of keeping your pennies in your pocket, let’s see what we can do to spread them to those trying to venture out on their own to become the next Lisa Price, yes?

Many of my favorite blogging folks have put together amazing lists of businesses that you should be checking out today, so I’m going to share those first:

That being said, many of the fitness and activewear-related deals found across the web today will also be available well into early next week, so don’t worry. If you are choosing to boycott, you won’t be missing out on much by saving your coins until tomorrow.

The deals I could find are listed below. And, as always, any purchases made using my links posted here will support A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss!


Barnes & Noble




Famous Footwear

Finish Line







Old Navy


Reebok Spartan Race

Road Runner Sports



This list will continuously be updated throughout the weekend, so keep checking back for more!

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