While I haven’t had a burger in about a decade, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the occasional juicy thick meaty monster something-or-other on the TV screen didn’t make me a little tempted.

I don’t feel so bad now, especially since it’s – apparently – raw burger and built with toothpicks and sad pickles.

I mean, of course we’ve all wondered why the crap we get in the drive-thru never looks as appetizing as it did in the commercial that compelled us to make the purchase… but really – did we ever think it was this orchestrated?

And as for a “favorite quote” from this clip?

“We don’t want the bun to get soggy, so we take a piece of cardboard and put it between the bun and the burger to soak up all the grease.”

Not good enough for the bun it sits on, but it’s ok for your insides? Err…. thanks, but no thanks. I almost feel like the cardboard, toothpicks and ketchup might be the better bet.