In the midst of admiring Well & Good’s coverage of the new Under Armour store that opened here in SoHo, I noticed the following:

Sports bras, bra fittings, and a wall of thongs and briefs—who would’ve guessed how sexy (and colorful) you could look underneath your sweaty outfit? The stretchy and seamless undies come in everything from neon stripes to pink snake-print, plus, they’re not hiding in bins, so you can easily find what you need. The bras are arranged by low, mid, and high-impact. We’re calling Under Armour “the Victoria’s Secret of workout underwear,” minus the thong bling.

Once I tweeted about Under Armour being dubbed “the Victoria’s Secret of workout underwear,” I was asked the following question:

….at which point, I was stumped.

New Under Armour Store 583 Broadway SoHo, New York

New Under Armour Store 583 Broadway SoHo, New York

I mean, I can understand not wanting to wear regular underwear if you’re going to get all sweaty-soaked, especially in activities like running or cycling where regular underwear can bunch up in uncomfy places, or have seams that’ll cause you to feel like you have rashes or “rug burns” in unpleasant places… but is the answer fancy panties or no panties at all?

So, I’m wondering – what are you wearing when you train? Are you wearing anything?

(And if you’re going commando, are you wiping your booty sweat off the machines? Don’t make me shake my fist at you!)