I happened to see these a few days ago, advertising for the new Nike FuelBand, and couldn’t help but wonder what we thought of ’em:

Yeah, that’s me in my gym attire in the reflection. Don’t hate on my style.

(The 4/5/6 is a train line out here… I’ve ran to it a few times and have even been known to be shut IN the doors of the train a time or two.)

I like these, but… I don’t know. I mean, I love incorporating unconventional fitness (read: the hood workout… pull-ups from the light post? Absolutely.) into marketing, and reminding people that it “counts.” I also love seeing persons of color – both men and women – doing the hard work, because we all know how strongly those images resonate with us. (If you know where these are posted in the city, you know they couldn’t have gotten away withnot incorporating persons of color.) And, really, reminding us that it’s not always about the 20minute-2 hour block we set aside for working out that “counts” is always a win for me. There’s just… something about these that prevents me from embracing them fully.

Also: Shoutout to my reflection in a few of these flicks. I don’t want to hear anybody’s mouth about my workout clothes!

What do you think? Are you inspired? Do you love it?