Thanks to Nutrition to Wellness, I came across this phenomenal little series of videos from the 2007 Healthy Living Expo. Lots of juicy tidbits in there, but this one put me a little over the edge. I guess it’s a little silly to have expectations of an industry that owes you nothing, yet aims to make money off of you, regardless of what their choices do to your health.

This video basically explains the confusion that comes from the difference between the marketing on the box and the information on the side label. If you’re anything like my friends, the thought in your head is probably something like, “Dang, we can’t eat ANYTHING, then!” That’s not entirely accurate. You can eat whatever you choose, but you deserve accurate information to help you make those decisions. It’s only fair, I think.

How many people have made this mistake when glancing at the label? How many of us fall for the “fat-free” game?