Since today’s post was soooooo long, I thought it would be unfair to tack the assignment for the week on the end of it. (Just think — if it was tough for you to read…I had to write it.)

So far, we’re skipping fast food, cooking dinner every night, drinking lots of water, yadda yadda… but now?

Shrink that plate.

Oh, no. I’m serious.

A slice of my zucchini foccacia... forgot to take the picture before I started eating.

Notice my hand in the background.. showing you just how large my plate is, and showing you just how large my pizza slices were. I had maybe 4 slices… two the first time, two the second.. then I was down for the count.

When you go home and cook that lovely dinner… take a look at the size of the plate you’re grabbing. If it’s the size of a giant hubcap.. we need to have a talk.

Grab a smaller plate. Be more conscious of the food you’re putting on it.. if you’ve got less real estate on your plate, you’ve got less space to pile on the food.

If you can, grab some smaller plates from your nearest store. If not, just use a smaller size. The goal is to give yourself the experience of visualizing smaller portions and seeing whether or not you can be fulfilled from those alone.

Eat slowly, use a smaller plate, and see how often you actually go back for seconds.