Y’all know me… I’m team ANTI soda. I don’t do soda, pop, fizzypop, drank, purple stuff… whatever you call it, I’m perfectly fine without it. It’s gross, full of calories and, quite frankly, offers my body nothing. It’s a waste. Just.. ugh.

That being said.. Deesha sent over this infographic from Term Life Insurance that offers up more than a little detail regarding how, exactly, sodapop affects our bodies. I can’t say anything more.. the graphic says it all:

Feel free to click the image to see the full sized version.

This infographic comes right on time, because this week’s challenge is to drink 8 glasses of water. Each day. Yes, eight. Know what that means – you shouldn’t have time to drink sodapop. Regardless of whether your vice is regular sodapop, diet sodapop or fancy schmancy “cane sugar sweetened soft drinks,” let ’em go.

Really, the goal for this week is to only drink water, but if you have a sugar addiction to cope with (no, really) then that would be difficult. So settle for 8 glasses of water this time. Set a schedule on your phone to just guzzle a glass every two hours. Grab yourself a container that holds 4 glasses of water at a time,and be sure to fill it two times a day. Make yourself a very excellent pitcher of naturally sweetened tea, if you must. But really… we’ve got to start getting beyond this stuff. No matter how much you love it… it ain’t clean.