If all is going well, you should be drinking two 8oz glasses of water before you drink anything sugary, and you should be abstaining from all fast food right now. I don’t care if it means you’re eating TV dinners for three meals a day, no fast food.

The reasoning behind this is so that you can begin the business of planning out to dine at home. You might not be ready to turn your evenings completely upside down because you’re trying to cook and take care of the entire household, but you can, at least, prepare for 1) not spending any money out at a fast food restaurant and 2) dining at home by planning and preparing for it in advance.

The third step of the boot camp is simple. Ditch your old snacks in favor of raw fruits and veggies. Skip your processed dips and ranch dressing for a hummus or my own personal sexy ranch dressing. No chips, cheez-things or crunchy corn concoctions. Strictly fruits and veggies. If it means you’re eating several apples at a time? Then eat several apples at a time. People can eat several little bags of potato chips or drink several cans of pop back to back and think nothing of it… we can eat a few apples in a row.

Best of luck to you!