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This week… is break time.

I need to get y’all caught up on cooking recipes, and we need time to talk about the struggles thus far. To catch up, every new week, you will add on to the previous week’s challenges to keep it going. So, for now, you should still be doing everything from weeks 1-7.

butternut-squash-boats 051

What are you having difficulties with? What kinds of plans of attack can you create to get better at it?

For example: are you struggling with the no fast food? Is it because you wind up stopping at a traffic light right in front of a fast food joint? Could we change/fix that by taking a different route home?

For recap, or to just re-acquaint yourself with the previous week’s challenges, check out the list below:

I’ll be going back and linking all of the recipes to their items (particularly weeks 5, 6 and 7) and posting recipes like a madwoman this week to get everyone caught up. Let’s just say I got side tracked with the YouTube channel and a couple other things coming out this week!

And, lastly, let me know in the comments how you’re doing! Someone else mentioned afew weeks back that they were hoping to be able to discuss their challenges more with the group and possibly get suggestions, and I want to encourage that more. What can we troubleshoot with you? Stop lurking and share!