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So… you’ve still been shooting for drinking your water every hour on the hour… right? Have you begun to notice any of the benefits that other boot campers have shared?

And, you’ve been scribbling down everything you’ve been eating each day… do you notice any patterns?

Spiced Shrimp...dreaming of recipe posts to come...

Spiced Shrimp…dreaming of recipe posts to come…

Are you skipping breakfast at home, and eating something processed on the way out? Are you “picking up breakfast” on the way in to work? Are you eating in your car a lot because of your commute? Are you snacking a lot at your office’s vending machine? Are you going out for lunch every day? Are you eating cereal or instant oatmeal every day [and wondering why you’re sooooooooo ridiculously hungry an hour or so later]?

Do you have junk food stashed in your car? In your desk? Are you buying candy on the subway from “the guy raising money so he can go to Virginia Tech” on your way home because, hey, you’re hungry and a pre-dinner snack can’t hurt?

Do you do any of this, but still shout that “eating healthy is expensive?”

I digress.

Did you find it difficult to write down every piece of candy you put into your mouth, every sip of sodapop you drank or even every midnight snack?

Care to share any patterns you noticed or problems you’re encountering in your diary-keeping?

The more you share, the more I know what to address and the more I understand exactly what the problem is.

So… while you’re still writing down your diary (and hopefully sharing the details in the comments or using the #CEBootCamp hashtag on instagram – mention me @bgg2wl! – and twitter @bgg2wl) and still drinking water as close to once-an-hour as possible (and I still recommend this lovely little bottle), you’ll now have a new goal. This week’s goals are two fold:

1) From here on out, buy one new herb or spice each week. You know how they say that variety is the spice of life? Well, spice is the variety of clean eating! You really…. really can’t eat clean without building an adequate arsenal of herbs and spices. Not even raw foodies go herb and spiceless. It’s just… it’s a rough life. All that roughage and no spice. You can choose this one on your own, of course, but each week we’ll discuss a new herb or spice. Call it the “Sunday Spice” or something. We’ll figure it out.

If you want to do more than one, that’s fine… it’s just really not necessary.

2) No sodapop, diet or otherwise. I don’t care what else you drink. Tea, lemonade, kombucha, whatever. Just… no sodapop. Up the water intake, keep some peaches or oranges on hand if you “need” sweet… I don’t care. Just… no sodapop.

Today’s question: What’s your favorite soul food dish?