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So, tell me… who was actually able to remember to drink a glass of water every hour?

Who failed miserably, but still upped their water intake more than expected?

Did you notice that drinking more water resulted in you drinking less of anything else?

Did you feel differently?

Who needs to start all-the-way over?

Use the comments, here, to discuss, share tips and reflect.

Homemade sun dried tomato hummus

Homemade sun dried tomato hummus…coming soon!

This week, I want you to continue on with the quest for a glass of water every hour, but I also want you to keep a food diary. Everything you eat, write it down. Carry a pack of post-it notes, get yourself a cheap little moleskine, staple some loose-leaf, make a txt file on your laptop or pc, take notes and pictures with your phone, tweet a pic of it with the hashtag #CEBootCamp… I don’t care. If you eat once a day, if you eat three times a day. I don’t care. Document it.

Write down the broccoli, the pepsi, the pizza, the candy bar, the chicken breast, the fried chicken, the collard greens, the bacon (cringe), everything. Don’t be ashamed, just be honest. If you guys want a thread to use to update your food every day, I’m okay with creating it.

It helps me to know what you guys are eating, but more importantly, it helps you to know what you are eating.

So…spill it! And, if you want a thread, let me know!