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It’s time to start getting serious, y’all.

And by serious, I mean it’s time to start digging into some vegetables.


For previous week’s boot camp steps, click here.

For those of you keeping up, how has it been going for you? Did you struggle? Did you forget your lunch and have to buy something?

Those of us who successfully completed last week’s task… did you notice a little bit more money in your wallets?


If you fell short, just keep trying. Take a long look at what interfered with your ability to succeed, and start thinking of new ways to respond to those challenges. If you’re having a hard time figuring it out on your own, share your challenges here.

This week’s boot camp steps are two-fold. Time to get down and dirty.

1) No fast food. At all. Not for lunch, neither breakfast, nor dinner. And, for now, I don’t care what you put in its place. If that means you’ve got to buy a TV dinner, then go for it. But no fast food.

2) Pick one of the five vegetables listed here, and buy it. Pay attention to how you grocery store handles it – if it’s on a refrigerated shelf in the store, then store it in the fridge at home. If it’s not, then feel comfy storing it outside the fridge. You might even be able to find a couple of these in your frozen foods section.

To quote an ancient African-American proverb, “you gon’ learn today!”

Talk to me, y’all!