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Lots of exciting things happening this week. Starting, first and foremost, with this:

My YouTube channel goes live! Are you subscribed yet? (photo from my instagram account: @bgg2wl)

My YouTube channel goes live! Are you subscribed yet? (photo from my instagram account: @bgg2wl)

My YouTube channel goes live! Don’t you think you should subscribe and be there when the first video drops, tonight at 8PM? Hmmm?

Everything else…well, that’s a surprise. We’ll talk about that later.

How is it going, lovelies? Are you still working on your water intake? Are you avoiding the fast food? Did you try any of the recipes from last week?

Here’s the thing. Last year, when I ran the boot camp – I’m pretty sure this is my third year doing it – it felt so easy to tell you, “Hey, boo, hey… don’t eat this. It’s crap.” But, if all I’ve ever eaten is processed food, and you tell me to stop eating processed food… and I don’t know how to cook, then what am I left with, other than a new-found sense of guilt about the processed food I’m gonna eat anyway, since I can barely boil an egg?

parsnips 013

That’s why, instead of just crapping on processed food – which still is, on a grand scale, crap – I’d much rather encourage you to get in the kitchen, develop a fearless attitude toward trying new vegetables (especially if you’re the type where every vegetable is new to you, and there’s nothing wrong with that… it’s just gonna be a rather exciting time for you!) and learn a few new cooking techniques. So, yes, processed food ain’t the move…. but let’s focus more on what we can replace it with.

Besides, since we’re moving away from winter and closer toward spring – which means spring produce, yay – it’ll be even more fun.

So, Step 7 has 3 parts:

1) Visit and try to find the farmer’s market closest to you. Buying produce from supermarkets isn’t always the freshest, the cheapest, or sometimes even the most ethical option. Some farmers make so little, that it’s much better for them – and for the local economy – to give your $1/lb directly to them, instead of giving $2.29 to a store for the same item… when that store is only giving the farmer $0.59/lb. It’s clearly better for you and your wallet. If you are someone who has no idea how you could get to a farmer’s market, try to plot out how you can get there (Google Maps is great for public transportation, and if you’re in a rural area see if you can ask someone with a car if they’d be interested in partnering up with you and visiting a market some day) and invest in a good duffel bag. And trust me… I’ve been there.

2) Pick one:

  • Mustard
  • Ketchup
  • Mayonnaise
  • Ranch Dressing
  • Barbecue Sauce

Just sayin’.

3) Share with us: what’s one processed food dish that you’re going to hate giving up while you’re giving up processed food? I know, for me, it was scalloped potatoes. This is also why there are several posts with me whining about scalloped potatoes. (Hey, I can be honest.) I’m just saying… you may or may not have your suggestion chosen as a shared recipe!